5 Best Business Class to Tokyo

Want to know which of the airlines are the best Business Class to Tokyo? Skytrax is a website that already has published a list of top 5 carriers that will help you reach this wonderful city. Ready to review?

5. Cathay Pacific

The lounge of Cathay Pacific is rather big and comfy. The food choice is large as well as the beverage choice.
Once you are aboard, you are given a welcome drink. Business Class seat configuration is 1-2-1. So that every passenger has direct aisle access. The best seats for couples are those in the middle. The seats themselves can slide forward, making communication easier. The seat design is very beautiful. They provide good support and comfort. The level of privacy is great too. There are a legroom and a lot of space for storage. Al the seat controls are easy-to-use. The noise-canceling headphones of the entertainment system are placed in a separate cabinet with a hook to take them out easily.
There is a hook for your coat, a light for reading, and the armrest can be angled with the easy access. However, the tray table is rather small, and cannot be easily adjusted.
The entertainment system is easy-to-control with the touchscreen. The Cathay Pacific amenity kit comes in a nice patch, including all the necessary items.
The seat converts into a fully flat bed and a high-quality blanket and pillow are provided. The bed is very comfortable and the foot room is pretty good too.
The dining is fabulous. For instance, you may order scrambled eggs, chicken chipolata, peperonata, spinach, and roesti potato for breakfast. For lunch, you may try stir-fried chicken, shiitake mushroom, kailan, carrot, and steamed jasmine rice.
Why this airline?
– Comfortable seats.
– Excellent dining.
– Wonderful entertainment system.

4. Emirates

The seat configuration is 2-3-2. The seat design is new. They are really comfortable to sit in, and you can easily adjust them. There are power and USB ports easily reachable. Also, the storage space is enough to place your personal items. Besides, you can always find a magazine to read at the specific folder.
What is more, there is a mini bar at each Business Class seat. It contains a few drinks but is not refrigerated. However, the drink tray is rather hard to reach, which is not very comfortable. This is because it is situated too far away from the seat, and each time you sit you have to lean forward to get a drink.
There is a big level of privacy in each seat. But it is rather difficult to communicate with a person next to you in the seats. Lowering the privacy does not help because even in the down position it is well above the eye.
The drinks and food selection is wide. For instance, you may order pumpkin soup, Vietnamese chicken salad, cold-smoked ocean trout, grilled beef fillet with bearnaise sauce, roasted salmon, or seared chicken fillet with sage jus.
When it comes to entertainment, Emirates stands hands and shoulders with other airlines. There is a broad selection of news, TV shows, movies available on either the touchscreen or a tablet.
Why this airline?
– A minibar at each seat.
– Comfortable seats.
– Great in-flight entertainment system.
– Excellent dining.

3. Etihad Airways

The seat configuration is 1-2-1. Everyone has direct access to the aisles. The seat design is made a way nobody is sitting directly in front of you or behind you. The level of privacy is high. The seats in the middle are the best for couples that want to talk to each other during the flight. The seats are comfortable, have a good support, and massage functions. There are lots of adjustment options and the controllers are easy-to-use. There are several storage spaces, including the spot where you can put a bottle of water. Besides, there are power and USB ports.
There are some peculiarities of design most of the frequent flyers like. For example, the tray table is made in a way you can easily get in and out of your seat because it easily swivels. Secondly, the entire seat moves forward at the touch of the button. Meaning, even the shortest person can enjoy the footrest. As expected, the seats recline fully down into a flatbed. For a long-haul flight, Etihad provides pajamas, amenity kit, and mattress cover.
The Etihad crew is friendly and engaging. This is because they really care about their reputation. The service usually starts with a glass of champagne and hot towel.
One of the advantages of Etihad is that you may ask for food whenever you want. The Etihad entertainment system is pretty good too. Noise-canceling headphones are provided, and the controls are very easy-to-use.
Why this airline?
– Comfy seats.
– Great design.
– The possibility to eat when you want.
– Great in-flight entertainment system.

2. Singapore Airlines

The seat configuration here is 1-2-1. Meaning, every passenger has direct aisle access, and the best seats for couples are those in the middle. There are no overhead lockers above the middle seats, which gives a cabin a much roomy feel. The seats have a great level of privacy, especially those at the window.
The whole concept of the seat design is practicality. There are several storage compartments so that everything has its place. There is even a mirror in case your selfie function on your phone is not working. There is a reading light, socket, and a headphone jack. The seat controls themselves are easy-to-use and there is a good amount of legroom.
The tray table is also excellent: large, steady, and adjustable almost every way, moving up and down. The design lets you go in and out of your seat. This is awesome if you are working and need to get out something from your bag.
When you want to sleep, the bed back folds forward to create a fully lie-flat bed. At the top, this bed is super wide. However, the whole amount of space for your feet is very little in the corner. This makes sleeping on your back or rolling over awkward.
Singapore Airlines has an amazing selection of food and teas. The entertainment system is one of the latest in the world. The screen is large and bright, however, it is not a touchscreen. The system can be easily operable with a remote.
Why this airline?
– The practical design of the seats.
– Wide choice of teas.
– Latest in-flight entertainment system.

1. Qatar Airways

The seats are comfortable, practical, and private. There are plenty of well-placed storage compartments. The tray table provides a steady work service, and you can easily get in and out of your seat. There are many adjustable options within every seat.
Qatar has upgraded their amenity kits. They also provide slippers and pajamas for Business Class passengers.
The Qatar in-flight service is sensational. It starts with a hot towel once boarding and a welcome drink. The crew is fantastic.
The dining is good. For instance, you may order seared fillet of snapper with lemon and spring vegetable sauce, chicken kapsa with golden fried onions, sweet potato gnocchi in wild mushroom cream sauce, and more.
One of the best things about Qatar is the bar, which is located right behind the Business Class. It has a great design. This is a great place to meet new friends.
The seat converts into fully flat-bed. Thanks to pajamas, your clothes will look fresh the next day. The entertainment system is pretty good. The maps are very attractive.
Why this airline?
– Comfy seats.
– Sensational service.
– A bar.
– Great entertainment system.
– Upgraded amenity kit.
– Excellent dining.
All these airlines are great to get to Tokyo, according to Skytrax. Hope that you will enjoy your time aboard, using one of them. Have a safe flight!