Privacy Policy

CheapFirstClass appreciates every visitor to our website (the Website). Trust and privacy of users are highly important for us. To use the services of CheapFirstClass, you need to provide personally identifiable information (Personal Information). We understand, that you might be worried about our use and disclosure of your personal information. This Privacy Policy explains what type of information we need from you, how we collect, use and protect it. When using our services, you accept the practices stated in this Privacy Policy. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns, comments or questions concerning this Privacy Policy.

What Information I Need to Provide to Use the Cheap First Class Service?

Personal Information. You need to provide basic personal information – your name and email address.

Non-personal Information. Non- personal information we collect includes: your ISP, type of browser you use, IP (Internet Protocol) address and the URL of the website you have previously visited. Non-Personal Information is not used for the identification of a user’s personality.

When and How Does CheapFirstClass Collect Personal and Non-Personal Information?

The Website collects your information only when you personally provide it. For example, when creating an account you need to complete registration that requires providing your name and email address. The Website will also collect email address when you sign up for receiving a newsletter.

How Does CheapFirstClass Use Cookies and Web Beacons?

Cookies are used by most websites. These are small files stored on your computer’s hard drive. CheapFirstClass uses cookies to track how you use the Website and its services. The use of cookies allows each visitor getting a more personalized user experience. This also allows users to automatically login and start using the Website’s services.

Web beacon is used for tracking the behavior of users receiving e-mails or visiting the Website. This is a small, often-transparent graphic image (about 1×1 pixel) placed in the e-mail or on the web page.

CheapFirstClass and our online partners use web beacons and cookies that are not linked to Personal Information. Neither the Websites nor our partners have an access to these cookies and web beacons and also have no control over them. Our Privacy Policy does not cover the use of cookies and web beacons by third parties. It only covers the use of web beacons or cookies by the Websites and its partners.

Does CheapFirstClass Share My Information With Third Parties?

Passing Over Information to Unaffiliated Third Parties.

Your Personal Information may be disclosed in several emergency cases. For example, to enforce or protect the Website’s policies and rights or the rights of a third party, to respond to legal requirements or to prevent harm to others. Personal information is disclosed only within the limits prescribed by law (including when it is required by a court order or subpoena).

Passing Over Information to Online Partners and Third Party Service Providers.

To provide users with the best services, our company may contract with third parties, which help us improve and maintain a high level of CheapFirstClass Services. The assistance of a third party is necessary for payments processing made to us. We may also use a third party for reporting, analytics, fulfillment, for subcontracting out production and for other operations. We have several reliable online partners that help us monitor, optimize and control the CheapFirstClass Services and our Website. Other partners help us monitor how visitors use our Website, as well as to assess efficiency of our advertising. We take all possible measures to prevent the disclosure of your Personal Information by any of the third parties we cooperate with. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your Personal Information will be not disclosed by these third parties. What we do guarantee, is that CheapFirstClass never discloses, shares or trades Personal Information of our users with promotional or other purposes.

How is My Personal Information Protected by CheapFirstClass?

At CheapFirstClass, we do our best to protect Personal Information provided by our users from disclosure, unauthorized access and usage. However, we are not able to assure complete protection of your Personal Information. This means, we bear no responsibility for the leakage of your Personal information or data caused by unauthorized access of third parties, omission or acts we are not able to control or errors in transmission.


When using the company’s referral services or telling friends about CheapFirstClass Services and the Website, you will need to provide your friend’s name and email address. Your friend will receive a one-time email notification, inviting him/her to visit our Website. We need this information to monitor the development of our referral program and for sending the one-time email invitation.

Is This Privacy Policy Effective to Access Third Party Websites?

Third Party websites can be accessed directly from our Website. However, this Privacy Policy is not effective when you visit third party websites. We are not able to control how third parties use Personal Information you provide them. Before providing your Personal Information, make sure you carefully study privacy policy of the website you visit.