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5 Best Airlines to Fly Business & First Class in 2023

A variety of air companies provides higher competition resulting in the increase of servicing quality. Nowadays, there are more than 200 air carriers offering their services around the world. However, only several of them can be called the elite airlines providing their passengers with luxury seats and best servicing on board. In the following article, […]

17 Beautiful But Little-Known Islands in Europe 2023

Corsica, Ibiza, and Santorini are popular European destinations. But have you ever heard about Formentera, Juist, or Saaremaa? Although these islands are often overlooked by tourists, they are perfect destinations for those who’re tired of traditional European getaways. If you’re planning your trip to Europe, add these places to your travel itinerary. They can boast […]

cheap business class to Singapore

Exclusive Offers: Cheap Business Class to Singapore

Singapore is a desired destination for tourists and an important business hub, so no wonder that trips to Singapore are on the to-do list for many travelers. Its location in Southeast Asia makes flying the most efficient way to get there, but, as always, there is a big ‘but.’  Plane trips from some destinations will […]

Luxury Within Reach: 10 Tips How to Fly Business Class to Europe Without Breaking the Bank

We all know that business class is expensive, sometimes very expensive. But the price is conditioned by the comfort of the flight which makes a long journey less tiresome and more pleasant. Business class is called so not only because it is designed for people who run their own businesses and have more money to […]

22 Best First class Flight Routes in 2023

Autumn is still in full swing, blossoming with an abundance of colors. Albert Camus said that in autumn every leaf is a flower. But these these 22 colorful places are beautiful almost any time of the year. Make yourself a cup of tea, get under a warm blanket and enjoy the pure beauty of nature. […]

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How to Find Cheap Business Class and First Class Flights

Many people still do not know how to travel around the world, without spending lots of money on airline tickets. If you are fond of travelling, you need to learn a few simple tips and tricks that will help you find low-cost airline carriers and buy cheap tickets. So, what should you start with? First […]

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Cheap Business and First Class Flights to Melbourne

If Melbourne is your travel or business destination this year, be sure to fly there with comfort. Though this is a long-haul flight, you can cover the long distance while not even noticing this. Forget about suffering in a tiny coach seat, and opt for premium flights to Melbourne. Melbourne for Business Melbourne is the […]

Best Cheap Business Class Airlines to Fly to Europe [2021]

Best Cheap Business Class Airlines to Fly to Europe [2023]

Flying business class is not just about food and wine and entertainment. The most important thing for passengers on a plane is the seats. Whether it’s just a two-hour trip or a long-haul flight, the quality and comfort of a seat should be prioritized over other amenities. Moreover, you need to arrive at your destination […]

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Cheap First Class Flights to Singapore from the USA

Some airline carriers do not separate their first and business class offers, therefore making no difference between them. Only new luxury Asian  airlines offer first class for longer air and shorter trips. However, the difference between the two luxury classes does exist. First and business class passengers travel are value comfort and luxury on the […]

Upgrade to Business Class with Cathay Pacific [2021]

Upgrade to Business Class with Cathay Pacific [2023]

Cathay Pacific and Dragonair suggest two loyalty programs for their passengers: The Marco Polo Club the loyalty program, and Asia Miles, the travel reward program. Each program may be used individually, although used together they bring more benefits and make it cheaper simultaneously. The following information will definitely help you to choose the best option. Asia […]