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5 Best Airlines to Fly Business & First Class in 2021

A variety of air companies provides higher competition resulting in the increase of servicing quality. Nowadays, there are more than 200 air carriers offering their services around the world. However, only several of them can be called the elite airlines providing their passengers with luxury seats and best servicing on board. In the following article, […]


Long-Haul Business Class Flights with Delta One 2021

Someone suggests that business class flight with Delta One is an improved coach only. Nevertheless, the business options offer more comfort than standard medium classes. Depending on the route and airline, the business class seats have various configurations and options. However, there are some features essential for any business class, such as TV, laptop power […]

Business Class Flights to Spain: a Review of the TOP 5 Airlines foto1

Cheap Business Class Flights to Spain [2021]

Spain is a country which thousands of people visit every day. These people come from all over the Earth, predominantly by airlines. Some of them go there on a business trip, some go to relax, and others just visit the tourist centers. What’s Interesting in Spain? Spain is a magnificent European country located on the […]

Cathay Pacific First Class Flights in 2021

Traveling in elite conditions is a prerogative of a small group of the population. It is an accustomed thing that the bulk of people opt for coach and the people of higher status choose a more advanced product. Nevertheless, some companies also appreciate the needs of most demanding customers who esteem luxury in the sky. […]

How to Find Cheap Business Class Flights to Paris 1

Cheap Business Class Flights to Paris [2021]

Paris. The magnificent capital of France. One of Europe’s key-centers of diplomacy and finance, fashion and science and, surely, arts. The city is constantly in the top ten of the most visited places every year and sometimes even tops the list. The City of Love and Romance, the City of Lights. Its marvelous architecture, breathtaking […]

Best Business Class Airlines to Germany [2021]

The time spent on the road is the most carefree time. The main thing is to spend it as comfortably as possible, especially, if we are talking about traveling by air. In the following article, we will discuss which best business class airlines to Europe provide their passengers going to Germany the best flight conditions. […]

Fly Business Class Cheap. Top 5 Sea Restaurants in Singapore

Singapore is an island with a special love to seafood. It is not a problem to find a seafood restaurant in Singapore, however, the best ones are usually located along the coastline, providing the customers with the atmosphere of the sea and the salty fresh flavor of the dishes. You cannot visit Singapore without tasting […]

How to Get Upgraded to First Class on Delta

How to Get Upgraded to First Class on Delta

An upgrade from economy class on your Delta trip to first class lets you enjoy a wider range of food and beverages than in the main cabin, in addition to a higher-quality of service. You can upgrade using your Delta SkyMiles. Use SkyMiles or a credit card to purchase an upgrade on the day of […]

Top 15 Airlines for Long-Haul Business & First Class Flights in 2021

Top 15 Airlines for Long-Haul Business & First Class Flights in 2021

Even though many top international airlines have discontinued the first-class service after Covid-19, business-class seats and facilities have achieved new heights of luxury in 2021.  Front-row passengers can now anticipate suite-style seats with closing doors, premium bedding, celebrity chef-created meals, and elegant amenity kits filled with items from some of the industry’s greatest brands. Many […]

How to Find Business Class Tickets to Munich for Cheap 1

Cheap Business Class Flights to Munich, Germany

Have you ever been to Munich? This incredible city is not given enough attention by tourists, but if you plan on visiting Germany, you should certainly pop into Munich too. Munich is Bavaria’s capital, a city where you can find a variety of Baroque churches, museums, and superb restaurants! Moreover, this city is a cluster […]