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delta airlines

Delta First Class Flight Review: Seattle – Atlanta [2021]

For your attention, a review Boeing 737-900ER first class is introduced. The flight was operated by Delta Airlines on the route from Seattle to Atlanta. Check-in Let’s start the first class review of Delta 737-900ER from the very beginning, namely, from the Delta Sky Priority counters in Seattle. So, the advantage of being a first […]

Review of Best Business Class Seats (Airlines) to Rome foto 1

Best Business Class Airlines to Rome, Italy [2021]

The first stage of exploring Rome begins at the airport terminal. What’s Interesting in Rome? Even if you only stay in Rome for a couple of days, you simply cannot ignore the famous tourist attractions. You can’t resist them even if it’s not the first time you are visiting Rome. Don’t think you can fit […]

cathay pacific

Cathay Pacific Business Class Review [2021]

People from all over the globe have always been charmed by the East, and nobody can argue Hong Kong is one of the most exciting destinations in entire Asia. This city is named “Pearl of the Orient” not for nothing: it has been attracting visitors from all over the world since the dawn of the […]

Cheap International Business Class Flights. 10 Ways to Snag

Here you are again, struggling to find the least painful position to survive through this 15-hour flight in coach. You have to try really, really hard to stop thinking about the fact that the only thing that separates you from those luxurious seats, multi-course meals and expensive wines at the front of the plane, is […]

Difference between business class and first class

Choosing Between First and Business Class Flight [2021]

Would you believe that the flight time on the same aircraft might be different for the passengers of first class and the coach? Probably not. Nevertheless, the comfortable and convenient conditions often could cause such a feeling of a fast flight. In addition, even the crew of an aircraft prefer to work in business/first class. […]

Business Class Flight from Los Angeles to Seoul: Korean Air

Korean Air offers business class flight services every bit as good as services provided by their European and American peers. I have learnt this at first hand during my flight from Los Angeles to Seoul. For my last trip to Seoul I have chosen Korean Air and purchased a business class (or Prestige Class) seat […]

13 Secret Tips and Tricks Airlines Don’t Want You to Know

Reddit, a popular US website has asked the flight attendants and the airlines to reveal their professional secrets, hidden from the mere mortals. 1. Different pet experience flights in different ways Dogs are going crazy in a bellyhold, while cats are totally okay with flying. Nowadays, a great number of passengers are dreaming about travelling […]

Why Do Business Class Flight Prices Vary?

You have probably noticed that prices on business class airfares are very unstable. Airfare for the same flight can fluctuate by hundreds of dollars during the day. Predicting these changes is pretty difficult, thus many travellers take the first offer that seems more or less suitable. There are lots of factors influencing airfare changes and […]

luxury singapore gym

Luxury Gyms in Singapore for Frequent Business Class Flyers

The trend of sport lifestyle is spreading around the globe, and now more and more people cannot imagine their daily routine without training activities. Indeed, the daily exercises are beneficial for both body management and cardiovascular fitness. Besides, some studies proved that people engaged in sports activities are happier and less exposed to depression than […]

Seoul downtown

Long-Haul Business Class Flights to Seoul 2021

Seoul Special City or simply Seoul is the capital of South Korea. It is also the largest city of South Korea, famous for its diverse tourist attractions and rich ancient history. Seoul is crammed with historical places, as this used to be a royal city. Among the most famous places of interest are the Joseon […]