Cheap Last Minute Deals. Business & First Class Flights

Cheap Last Minute Deals.  Business & First Class Flights

Waiting till the last moment to book a flight is definitely not a good way to save money on airfares. However, there might be emergencies when you have to take off as soon as possible. In this case booking a last-minute-flight international might be the only possible solution. Be it a spontaneous holiday to some exotic destination or a short notice business trip you can rest assured that with Cheap First Class you’re getting the best last minute flight deal.

An ideal last minute traveler is very flexible with departure dates, destinations and doesn’t mind traveling alone. So if you’re flexible with the dates and you don’t mind to land in a distant airport as well as traveling on your own then this type of traveling should suit you perfectly well.

If you find a great last minute deal don’t hesitate to book the last minute international flight right away. Last minute specials are normally available for a limited time and they’re sold very quickly.

So if you can afford the flexibility of booking a last minute flight’s ticket call at 800-818-2451 or use a free quote on this page right now and get prepared to enjoy the comfort and luxury of first business class last minute flights at the lowest rates on the market. The good news is that last minute fares are released regularly and if getting great service without wasting an awful lot of money is your priority contact us without delay.

Finding Cheap Last Minute Business & First Class Tickets in 2024?

Business people are so busy that in most cases they are unlikely to know if they are going to have a business trip this week. They need to get away right away and air carriers just love that. Prices for the same ticket booked within one week can differ from earlier bookings by 20%. Having conducted a thorough research and talked to most bright travel agents, we came up with a few tips that can get you to the business class in no time.

How to Get Upgraded to First Class in 2024

Plenty of airlines are eager to offer discounts especially during underloaded days (Sundays or Saturdays) should they have not enough seats. Such cuts can occur about six hours before the flight. Some offer upgrades during check in, others onboard. Should there be free seats, there is also a chance of buying a business-class seat from the cabin crew with a lower price.

Upgrades Upon Booking

As you make your reservation, pay attention to pop up windows (if you do it via web-site) that offer you cut-price escalation to a business class. If there are now propositions, then ask the operator to upgrade your class or purchase this upgrade in the airport.

Busy Days Can Be Useful

Something that is recommended only for emotionally stable people. It is widely known that lots of air companies sell more tickets than there are actual seats. So, for those who come nearly late there are only two options – either to stay or fly in the business section. Truth be told, we have only heard rumors of such practices. Use this at your own risk! Note that such chance exists only if your booking is an economy-premium class instead of a plain economy.
Another peculiar opportunity is to use the fuss of busy days to your advantage. I give you an example. Once on one of those busy days, my friend and I had a Ryanair flight to Warsaw with a stop in Amsterdam. Either it was some kind of system error or a human factor, but my companion and I happened to be located in different parts of the plane. With enough persuasion skills (shouting and threats, really) we were able to get a pass to the business area. Took some imprudence to get there, though.

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Forewarned is forearmed. Information is the key to having a good deal from air companies. Air fares are the cheapest way to hop on the business-class seat but it takes a little time to make a research.

Consolidator Services

A useful option for those who have no spare time at all. No need to make the search on your own. If you use the travel agent services or consolidators, you can have a solid cut for your ticket price. One drawback is that most of such opportunities are unlikely to be refundable and accumulating mileage won’t be possible.

Appeal to Sympathy

Speaking of mileage. If stars are aligned, along with a combination of your charisma, underloaded aircraft and nearly enough miles on your milling card that could have gotten you to the business class but didn’t, you can ask the cabin crew to move you there.


This method requires impudence. On local flights, it is sometimes possible to smooth-talk a stewardess (along with a $100 charge) to move you into a business-class. From what we know, 7/10 stewardesses asked didn’t mind upscaling the quality of service for you, provided you look well enough to pass as a business person. Besides, this trick is much easier to perform if you fly often with the air company and the cabin crew knows your face.

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