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Yangon – Cheap First & Business Class.Last minute flights


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The most popular destination in Southeast Asia is Yangon – the cultural center and former capital of Myanmar. In this article, we will tell you about the most notable touristic sites to visit in the city and how to get there with maximum comfort using first class tickets from our website

Why Visit Yangon?

Apart from stunning traditional and colonial architecture, Yangon can offer you a large variety of recreational zones, museums, and Buddhist shrines. The most popular green area in the city is the Kandawgyi Lake. The lake is surrounded by a stunning national park and zoological gardens. The most notable historic site is the Allied War Memorial, which often becomes a destination for a day trip for the city’s visitors. If you’re interested in religion, visit Shwedagon Pagoda – a famous memorial.

Airports in Yangon

The city’s only airport – Yangon International Airport – is located relatively close to the central town, being only 19 km away. The only direct flights available are to South Asian countries, such as Beijing and Tokyo. There are also a number of domestic destinations.

Top 3 Airlines With Great Business Class to Yangon

The three best airlines to travel to Yangon with are Air China, Flybe, and China Southern Airlines. Most routes will include a relay flight unless you’re based in South Asia. You can buy last minute first class tickets to Yangon with us with any airline:

  • Air China have flights to Yangon International Airport from Asian cities, such as Beijing and Seoul;
  • Flybe sell more expensive relay tickets to Yangon from European and Asian regions;
  • China Southern Airlines offer affordable first class to Yangon from Southern Asian locations as well as Europe and America.

Why Buy Tickets With

CheapFirstClass have earned worldwide recognition when it comes to cheap and last-minute tickets. We employ a 24/7 support system to help you get the best deals with top airlines, creating a fast, reliable and affordable network for adventurous travellers.

How to Find Tickets on

Our booking system has been designed to make travelling easy and carefree. We will provide you with the best offers, promo codes and discounts for classy business class flights to Yangon:

  • Contact us using the hot line number: 800 818 2451;
  • Request your ticket on our website;
  • Fill in a form and we’ll email you back.

Business Class Flights Prices & Our Discounts to Yangon

Normally, you have to pay a fortune for a comfortable flight to Asia. At CheapFirstClass, we have put every effort into helping you access cheap business class to Yangon: with our special discounts and offers you can get a round trip for as little as $2800.

First Class Flights Prices & Our Discounts to Yangon

Typically, different websites will have different prices depending on their fees and offers. It is common to spend hours looking for the cheapest option and browsing tens of webpages. Find best last minute business class to Yangon with CheapFirstClass and get discounts on premium check-in, queue-jumping, advantageous services and exclusive meals.

Recently Sold Business Class Flights to Yangon

CheapFirstClass have been selling out last minute business class to Yangon from locations all over the world. You can be on your way to one of the most exotic and culturally intense cities in South Asia tonight – make sure to grab your ticket on our website.

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Business Class Lounge

Yangon International Airport has two business class lounges available for premium passengers. Attain luxury service with Mingalar Sky Lounge in Terminal 3 for $8, or the luxe International Lounge in Terminal 1 for $21.

Things To Do In Yangon

Aside from countless national parks and sacred religious places around the city, you can find multiple galleries and museums, or go on a cultural tour for an additional fee:

  • Circular train tour will take you around the town to view all the best sites;
  • Pottery tour to the rural areas;
  • Inya Lake that will impress the most accustomed eye.