Pros & Cons of Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines’ Business Class offers an exceptional experience for travelers, especially on one of the world’s longest flights, from Singapore to New York (Newark). The journey begins with access to the luxurious SilverKris Lounge at Changi Airport Terminal 3, which is part of a significant $50 million upgrade, offering a comfortable and refined pre-flight experience. The lounge provides a variety of food options, including the famous Singapore Laksa, and even shower facilities for transit passengers.

Onboard, the Airbus A350-900 aircraft features the Singapore Airlines 2013J type business class seats, offering ample space and comfort for the long-haul journey. An exciting aspect of flying Business Class with Singapore Airlines is the amenity kit provided by Penhaligon, a British perfume house established in 1870. This kit, which must be requested, includes lip balm, facial mist, and hand lotion, adding an extra touch of luxury to the flight experience.

Dining onboard is a highlight, with the “Book The Cook” service allowing passengers to pre-order their meals from a wide selection of dishes. This service aims to replicate a restaurant experience at 30,000 feet, offering a variety of main dishes, appetizers, and desserts. Popular options include the Lobster Thermidor, Duck Confit, Beef Steak, and the refreshing Fishball Noodles. Each meal is accompanied by a selection of red and white wines, coffee, and tea by TWG.

The business class seat itself is designed for maximum comfort and privacy, transforming into a flat-lying bed for restful sleep during the flight. The entertainment system offers a wide range of movies on a large screen, and there is complimentary Wi-Fi for business class passengers, though the connection may vary.

However, there are varying opinions about the service quality and amenities offered by Singapore Airlines. Some passengers have praised the attentive service and comfortable seating, while others have noted inconsistencies in service engagement, food quality, and the frequent flyer program’s effectiveness. Despite these mixed reviews, the overall experience of flying business class on Singapore Airlines remains a sought-after luxury for many travelers.

This first-hand account of the business class experience on flights SQ22 and SQ31 underscores the airline’s commitment to providing a premium service. While there is always room for improvement, the journey offers a blend of comfort, luxury, and high-quality dining, making it a memorable experience for those fortunate enough to travel in this class.

Pros of Singapore Airlines

  1. Friendly Staff: Some passengers found the staff on Singapore Airlines’ business class flights to be friendly, although there were mixed feelings about their engagement and attentiveness.
  2. A350 Seats Comfort: One passenger mentioned that while the A350 seats were fine, they had issues with the B777 seats, indicating that the A350 seats might be more comfortable or preferable for some travelers.
  3. Effort by Crew to Address Mistakes: There was an instance where a flight attendant missed offering a pre-drink service to a passenger but realized the mistake and rectified it, showing a willingness to correct errors.
  4. Some Positive Experiences: A few travelers shared positive experiences with Singapore Airlines, highlighting great flights and service, and suggesting that not all passengers had negative experiences. This indicates that the quality of the experience can vary.
  5. Comparative Advantage for Some Travelers: One commenter suggested that business class and lounge services provided by Singapore Airlines at Changi Airport are unmatched, indicating that for some passengers, Singapore Airlines still holds a competitive edge.
  6. Occasional Satisfaction with Food: While opinions on food were largely negative, there were a few instances where passengers were satisfied with specific dishes, indicating that experiences with in-flight meals can vary greatly among passengers.
  7. Efforts to Accommodate During Operational Failures: In one case, a passenger managed to secure a business class upgrade at the airport despite earlier denials of availability, showing that there might be flexibility and accommodations made under certain circumstances.

These pros highlight that while there are significant areas for improvement, there are aspects of Singapore Airlines’ service that some passengers appreciate.

Cons of Singapore Airlines

  1. Inconsistent Seat Configurations: Passengers noted inconsistencies in seat configurations, particularly for middle seats, which can affect privacy and comfort for couples and individual travelers alike.
  2. Service Issues: Several passengers reported instances of inattentive or disengaged service from the flight crew, including overlooked pre-drink service and a general lack of attentiveness.
  3. Quality of Food: Numerous comments highlighted dissatisfaction with the quality of meals served, describing them as lackluster, similar to economy class meals served on glass plates, and sometimes missing or misrepresented on the menu.
  4. Amenity Kits Not Provided: At least one passenger was disappointed by the lack of amenity kits on their business class flight, which is typically expected as part of the premium experience.
  5. Limited Meal Service: Complaints were made about the infrequency of meals during long flights, with one passenger mentioning just a single meal service on a night flight to Melbourne.
  6. Subpar Frequent Flyer Program: A passenger criticized the frequent flyer program, particularly the difficulty in redeeming miles for flights or upgrades, describing the program as ineffective and not customer-friendly.
  7. Comparatively Poor Lounge and Aircraft Amenities: Some travelers found the amenities offered in the Singapore Airlines lounge at Changi and on the A380 to be inferior to those of competitors like Emirates.
  8. Perceived Decline in Standards: A general sentiment among several passengers was that the standards of Singapore Airlines, especially in business class, have declined, with specific references to the food quality, seat comfort, and overall service.
  9. Difficulty with Reservations and Call Centers: Passengers expressed frustration with the reservations process and the performance of call center staff, describing them as clueless or ineffective.
  10. Lack of Window Control: Complaints were raised about the flight attendants’ insistence on controlling window shades, particularly during daytime flights, which detracted from passengers’ ability to enjoy outside views.

These downsides reflect a range of experiences that suggest room for improvement in Singapore Airlines’ service, comfort, and customer engagement, particularly in their business class offerings.


In conclusion, Singapore Airlines’ Business Class offers a blend of luxury, comfort, and high-quality dining that makes it a coveted choice for long-haul travelers. The pre-flight experience in the SilverKris Lounge sets the tone for a premium journey, while the onboard amenities, including the Penhaligon amenity kit and the “Book The Cook” service, add a touch of exclusivity and personalization. The Airbus A350-900’s business class seats provide the necessary comfort and privacy for such an extended flight, ensuring passengers arrive at their destination refreshed.

However, the experience is not without its drawbacks. Inconsistencies in seat configurations, service quality, and food offerings have been noted, along with issues related to the frequent flyer program and call center interactions. These aspects underscore the importance of continuous improvement and adaptation to passenger feedback for maintaining a leading position in the competitive premium travel market.

The mixed reviews highlight a varied passenger experience, indicating that while many aspects of Singapore Airlines’ Business Class are commendable, there is room for enhancement in service consistency, engagement, and amenities. Despite these areas for improvement, the overall experience remains a sought-after luxury, offering a memorable journey for those fortunate enough to travel in this class. For discerning travelers seeking comfort and luxury in the skies, Singapore Airlines Business Class continues to be a strong contender, with the potential to exceed expectations through focused enhancements and steadfast commitment to passenger satisfaction.