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taiwan business class flights

Cheap Business Class Flights to Taiwan in 2023

Taiwan is undoubtedly a must-visit destination. This island country, with its favourable geographical location and numerous beaches is a real paradise for tourists. The country is located north of the Philippines and southwest of Okinawa, Japan. Having a population of over 23 million people, Taiwan is one of the most populated spots in the world. […]

First and Business Class Flights: Virgin Atlantic Guide 2023

The difference between economy and business/first class cabins is obvious. But when it comes to comparing business class flights with first class, an inexperienced traveller will say that both of them are luxurious and that’s it. Sitting in the “cattle class” cabin, you cannot stop thinking about how you would feel if you were sitting […]

fly business and first class to singapore

Cheap First Class Flights to Singapore from the USA

Some airline carriers do not separate their first and business class offers, therefore making no difference between them. Only new luxury Asian  airlines offer first class for longer air and shorter trips. However, the difference between the two luxury classes does exist. First and business class passengers travel are value comfort and luxury on the […]

Cheap Business Class Flights to Rome, Italy [Deals 2023]

One of the most appreciated tourist spots in the world is Rome, the capital of Italy. It is the third most visited city in Europe for many reasons. Being one of the most ancient sites of the Western Europe, the city of Rome is commonly known as the cradle of western civilization itself, the center […]

Melbourne flights

Business & First Class Flights to Melbourne [2023]

If Melbourne is your travel or business destination this year, be sure to fly there with comfort. Though this is a long-haul flight, you can cover the long distance while not even noticing this. Forget about suffering in a tiny coach seat, and opt for premium flights to Melbourne. Melbourne for Business: Affordable Luxury Flights […]

Upgrade to Business Class on American Airlines

Cheap and Quick Upgrade to Business Class with American Airlines It goes without saying that business class cabin excels its cheaper options that are popular among the largest share of air passenger flow. I bet that the bulk of the readers have never experienced privileges of the front-side cabin. On this account, the following publication […]

Business Class Flights with Emirates. Airbus A380

What are the characteristics of a high social status? As a rule, these include the luxurious vehicles, five-star hotels or elite apartments, tailored toilette etc. And what about the air travel? In fact, if a person promotes from the coach it is an evidence of shifting to the next social level. You are not obliged […]

business flights to taipai

Cheap Business Class Flights to Taipei/Taiwan[2024]

Taiwan has been repeatedly named a great choice of location for doing business, and there is a couple of reasons for that. Taiwan has a massive intellectual advantage, as over 40% of workforce have a college or a university degree. The infrastructure in Taiwan is excellent, with two international airports, seven international harbors and railway […]

Cheap Business Class & First Class Flights: Beijing, China

Cheap Business Class & First Class Flights: Beijing, China

The capital city of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing, is one of those cities that should be visited, no matter if you are into this culture or not. It is a marvelous phenomenon. Being one of the largest cities in both Asia and the world (approximately 22 million residents), Beijing is a political, cultural, […]

Top 8 Business Class Airlines to Travel to Europe in 2024

You have probably been to some European cities. Well, we could hardly imagine a real traveler that has never visited Europe! This ancient area is a cradle of several incomparably beautiful cultures that have affected the modern world much more radical than you can imagine. For instance, Ancient Greece has been the most developed culture […]