Pros & Cons of British Airways business class

Embarking on a journey with British Airways’ business class, known as Club World, offers a blend of traditional British elegance and modern travel luxuries. As one of the world’s leading carriers, British Airways strives to provide an experience that combines comfort, sophistication, and attentive service. However, like any premium service, it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this analysis, we will delve into the pros and cons of flying business class with British Airways, providing a comprehensive overview for travelers considering this option for their next journey.

Club Suite Pros:

  1. Modern Design: The new Club Suite offers a modern 1-2-1 reverse herringbone configuration with sliding doors for privacy, significantly enhancing passenger comfort and convenience.
  2. Direct Aisle Access: Every seat in the Club Suite configuration has direct aisle access, eliminating the need to step over another passenger, which is a major upgrade from the older Club World layout.
  3. Increased Privacy: The introduction of a sliding door in the Club Suite provides passengers with a private suite experience, a feature that aligns with many First Class products.
  4. Improved Entertainment and Amenities: The Club Suite comes with updated in-flight entertainment systems and better amenities, including The White Company bedding, enhancing the overall flight experience.

Club World (Older Product) Pros:

  1. Flat-Bed Seats: As a pioneer of flat-bed seats in Business Class, British Airways offers passengers the comfort of fully reclining seats for a restful sleep.
  2. Companion-Friendly Layout: The yin-yang seating arrangement in the older Club World cabin is beneficial for couples or companions traveling together, as the seats can be quite interactive.
  3. Culinary Delights: British Airways takes pride in its on-board dining, offering locally sourced ingredients and a fine selection of wines curated by the airline’s Master of Wine.
  4. Club Kitchen: Available on select aircraft, the Club Kitchen allows passengers to enjoy snacks and refreshments throughout the flight, adding a touch of luxury to the experience.
  5. Exemplary Service: Flight attendants in both Club World and Club Suite are known for their attentive and friendly service, making passengers feel valued and well-cared for.

General Pros:

  1. Airport Experience: Access to premium lounges, especially the arrival lounge at Heathrow, adds value to the business class experience, offering a space for relaxation and dining before and after flights.
  2. Comprehensive Beverage Selection: Including specially brewed beers in collaboration with BrewDog and a selection of fine wines, ensuring passengers have a variety of high-quality drinks to choose from.
  3. Special Touches: Unique offerings like afternoon tea with scones on select flights highlight the carrier’s British heritage, enhancing the culinary experience onboard.

Cons of British Airways business class

Service: 8/10

British Airways is known for its top-notch service, reflecting its proud British heritage. The flight attendants are polite, professional, and make a point to remember your name, ensuring you’re comfortable throughout your flight. They’re always ready to help, with a smile that enhances your experience. Whether it’s meal time in Club World or you’re just in need of a drink refill, they’ve got you covered, delivering meals on time and checking on you regularly. Their perfect mix of being there when you need them and giving you space to relax or work sets their service apart.

Entertainment: 8/10

Get ready for an entertainment feast with British Airways! Club World’s big, clear screens bring you a vast choice of movies, TV shows, music, and games. The content is always fresh, ensuring there’s something new for everyone, from the latest movies to British classics. Navigating through the options is a breeze, and the airline’s British flair adds a unique touch. Plus, noise-cancelling headphones make your entertainment experience even better, letting you dive deep into your chosen world without distractions.

Amenities & Facilities: 8/10

Travel in style with British Airways Club World’s chic amenity kits, filled with high-quality skincare items, eye masks, socks, and more, all from luxury British brands. The White Company’s plush bedding, including soft duvets and big pillows, makes your seat a cozy haven. Freshen up with premium toiletries in the lavatories, and stay connected with onboard Wi-Fi that’s both dependable and affordable, offering various plans to match your needs.

Short & Medium Haul: 7/10

For shorter trips, Club Europe by British Airways offers a refined flying experience with special business class seating. Enjoy more personal space, with the middle seat left empty. Priority services like check-in, boarding, and exclusive lounge access are all part of the package. Meals are tailored to the time of day and served on elegant china, showcasing British Airways’ commitment to quality. Even on these shorter flights, the extra comfort and perks make Club Europe an excellent choice.

Sustainability: 7/10

British Airways is serious about going green. Investing in fuel-efficient planes, offering carbon offsetting options, and aiming for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 highlight their commitment. They’re exploring sustainable fuels and working to reduce onboard waste by cutting down on single-use plastics. British Airways is making strides towards a more sustainable future, showing their dedication to protecting the planet.


In conclusion, British Airways’ business class presents a compelling choice for travelers seeking a blend of luxury, comfort, and quintessentially British service. From the privacy of the Club Suites to the culinary delights and a wide array of entertainment options, passengers can expect a high-quality experience aboard. However, it’s important to consider the varying experiences due to the mixed fleet and the gradual rollout of the newer seats. Additionally, environmental efforts are noteworthy, though ongoing work is needed to meet future sustainability goals. Ultimately, weighing these pros and cons will help discerning travelers decide if British Airways’ Club World aligns with their preferences and expectations for a premium flying experience.