Pros and Cons of Cathay Pacific Business Class

Based on the detailed reviews from “One Mile at a Time,” “The Luxury Traveller,” and “Head for Points,” Cathay Pacific’s Business Class on the A350 offers a mix of standout features and areas for improvement. Here’s a summarized analysis:


  1. Seat Comfort and Layout: The reverse herringbone seats based on Safran’s Cirrus product line are spacious, offering more room than typical configurations, especially around the footwell. The side panel that folds up to make the sleeping surface larger is a notable enhancement. Overall, the seat design ensures privacy and comfort.
  2. In-Flight Entertainment and Wi-Fi: Cathay Pacific’s entertainment system is superior, with a massive library of movies and TV shows that surpasses many Asian carriers. The addition of the A350’s tail camera adds a unique entertainment feature. The Wi-Fi, while not free, is reasonably priced and offers good value without data caps.
  3. Food Quality: The airline provides high-quality meals even on short flights, showcasing a contrast with American carriers. Collaboration with renowned restaurants like Duddell’s for signature dishes elevates the dining experience.


  1. Service Inconsistencies: There seems to be a noticeable decline in the level of service, potentially due to the influx of less experienced, junior staff. Minor service mishaps and a less attentive approach compared to past experiences have been reported. However, this might vary between flights.
  2. Comparative Experience: When compared to other top-tier Business Class offerings, such as from Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific’s service might not consistently hit the same high marks, especially in terms of personalized attention due to the large size of the business class cabin.
  3. Aging In-Flight Entertainment Technology: Despite the extensive library, the in-flight entertainment system’s hardware shows its age, with screens and user interfaces that are not as responsive or high-resolution as newer systems.
  4. Bathroom Availability: With only four bathrooms for a large business class section, availability might be an issue, although this varies by aircraft and configuration.
  5. Amenity Kit and Bedding Quality: While Cathay Pacific offers quality bedding and amenity kits, some travelers might find them lacking compared to the ultra-luxurious offerings of some competitors.

In summary, Cathay Pacific‘s A350 Business Class provides a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience, particularly highlighting seat design, entertainment options, and food quality. However, service inconsistency and aging technology are areas that could be improved to enhance the overall passenger experience. Personal preferences and the specific crew on a flight can significantly affect the perceived quality of service.