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How to get upgraded to Business Class on Air France

Are you always flying in Economy class and want some changes in your life? We guess you can get upgrade flight to Business Class in Air France. Of course, it is to difficult to travel in Economy Class where the … Continue reading

How to Upgrade To Business Class on American Airlines

Intro It goes without saying that business class cabin excels its cheaper options that are popular among the largest share of air passenger flow. I bet that the bulk of the readers have never experienced privileges of the front-side cabin. … Continue reading

15 Ways How to Get Upgrade to Business Class Emirates

When a traveler hears the word “Emirates”, the country in the Middle East comes to his or her mind. At the same time, representatives of business circles and people used to spend hours in the sky attach another association with … Continue reading

Delta One Lounge Review

Intro Do you know a prerequisite to making a customer happy during a long flight? It seems that this question hides no pitfalls and a high level of comfort will be an exact answer hereto. Nevertheless, the term “comfortable flight” … Continue reading

2017 Review of Cathay Pacific Business Class

Some people are afraid of traveling by the air transport. However, statistically, this type of transportation is the safest. Moreover, it excels the other traveling means like trains or cruises by speed and comfort offered in the cabin of an … Continue reading

2017 Review of Emirates Airbus A380 Business Class

What are the characteristics of a high social status? As a rule, these include the luxurious vehicles, five-star hotels or elite apartments, tailored toilette etc. And what about the air travel? In fact, if a person promotes from the coach … Continue reading


Delta One Business Class Food Review

There are several ways to highlight the benefits of a trip in the business class. Passengers that choose the premium services in the air want to punctuate their status and enjoy all the comforts provided by an airline. In fact, … Continue reading

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Food Review in Business Class on Cathay Pacific

The advantages of traveling in business class are demonstrated in various ways. The higher the class of the cabin – the higher the status of a passenger. This difference between a regular economy and premium class is observed both in … Continue reading


How to Find Cheap First Class Flights to Milan from the USA

Italy was always one of the most attractive destinations throughout Europe. There are a great many wonderful spots and each of them has a unique atmosphere. Milan, the capital of the Lombardy region, is the country’s most populous metropolitan area. … Continue reading


Difference between First and Business Classes: Virgin Atlantic

The difference between economy and business/first class cabins is obvious. But when it comes to comparing business class with first class, an inexperienced traveler will say that both of them are luxurious and that’s it. Sitting in the “cattle class” … Continue reading