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Business Class Travel to Amsterdam [2021]

Amsterdam is one of the oldest and most vibrant European business centres, with rich trade and business history, being the leading commercial and financial centre of the world. In 2019, an incredible number of 19 million travellers visited Amsterdam —  a number that, pre-pandemic, was expected to increase 50% by 2030.  Headquarters  of the most […]

First and Business Class Flights: Virgin Atlantic Guide 2021

The difference between economy and business/first class cabins is obvious. But when it comes to comparing business class flights with first class, an inexperienced traveller will say that both of them are luxurious and that’s it. Sitting in the “cattle class” cabin, you cannot stop thinking about how you would feel if you were sitting […]

Upgrade to Business Class on Etihad Airways [Guide 2021]

Want to change your life being aboard? Sometimes when you need to do something big, you have to begin with little things. For example, if you want more comfort in your life when flying abroad, you will just have to make little steps, such as upgrade Etihad Airways flight to Business Class. What’s it like […]

Cheap Business Class Flights to Guangzhou, China [2021]

Cheap Business Class Flights to Guangzhou, China [2021]. If you want to feel the spirit of business and see what commerce is all about, you should definitely visit Guangzhou, the third largest Chinese city and a major trading center. And these are not mere words because Forbes named Guangzhou the best commercial city on the […]

Cheap business Class to Manila

Cheap Business Class Flights to Manila, Philippines

Manila, capital of the Philippines, is an excellent location if you want to set up a company in Asia. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world, the Filipino workforce is highly educated with hundreds of thousands newly qualified professionals entering the professional environment every year. The Philippines economy allows 100% […]

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Cheap First and Business Class Flights to Europe 2021

How to fly first class to Europe for the price of economy First class and business class flights is a niche for people who want to standout.They know the value of real luxury and comfort, and used to be first everywhere. Here are some useful tips on how to fly first and business class at […]

cheap business class tokyo

Cheap First Class Flights to Tokyo, Japan [2021]

Tokyo is the city of contrasts. This is the place where traditions not just coexist with pop culture, but make a perfect blend together. This is the place, where ancient temples neighbour on modern karaoke bars, where blossomed cherry trees and sparkling Sumida River create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere, that no one is ever […]

Cheap Business Class & First Class Flights: Beijing, China

The capital city of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing, is one of those cities that should be visited, no matter if you are into this culture or not. It is a marvelous phenomenon. Being one of the largest cities in both Asia and the world (approximately 22 million residents), Beijing is a political, cultural, […]

Cheap First Class Flights to Munich 2021

Northern of the Bavarian Alps, on the banks of Isar River, you can find Munich – the largest city of the German state of Bavaria. Having one of the biggest density of population in Germany, the city of Munich is still popular for migration and an expatriate location. All because of a high level of […]

Cheap Business Class Flights to Paris in 2021

Probably the most famous city in whole Europe, Paris is a huge industrial conglomerate and a notable cultural highlight. Originating in third century BC, the city of Paris has swiftly become one of the most important citys of the western world, and the situation still remains the same. The Paris metropolitan area accommodates one-fifth of […]