Best Business Class Airlines to Australia [2024]

Best Business Class Airlines to Australia [2021]

Where would you like to travel when using the services of an airline operating to biggest countries around the world? Would you like to visit Australia – a beautiful continent in the middle of the ocean? This place offers to see cute koalas and kangaroos that can be found only here. You will be fascinated by the unique scenes of this wild nature. You will notice and gain the enthusiasm of Australians and New Zealand people once you will come here for an active lifestyle and sport. You can buy a low-cost airline ticket using the Cheap First Class consolidator company services. When travelling here, passengers escape from everyday routine and make their life much more interesting. You can visit the city of your dreams and get a unique experience. Try it now and you won’t ever regret.

Places of Interests in Australia?

Thanks to cheap business class flights to Australia, tourists from all over the world have chances to come here and discover numerous interesting places and experience things they have never tried before.

Australia is a dream for every modern traveller who prefers to choose the best routes for himself and his family. Australian remoteness from the rest of the continents, its flora and fauna make the pearl and the heart of all touristic routes. Its largest city Sydney is located on the shores of the Tasman Sea. From Australia, you can bring not only various souvenirs but also a lot of positive impressions. Numerous archipelagos, beautiful beaches, large modern cities with real estate on the ocean and gorgeous views from its windows. A variety of animals and amazing insects o surrounding nature will not leave you indifferent.

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Once buying business class airfare to Australia tourists can experience a safari and observe a variety of animals in their natural habitat. This unique country is famous for its rich flora and fauna, and the ability to closely touch this beauty is inspiring and fascinating. There are also diving tours giving a unique opportunity to plunge into the underwater world of coastal Australia. There are shark diving options on the Great Barrier Reef. The golden beaches of Cairns offer the best conditions for relaxation, as in this city everything is arranged for tourists. This is a large tourist centre, in which there are many entertainments and recreations where many hotels and shops that offer various souvenirs.

The beaches of the Tasmanian state are the most beautiful places on the planet. The seven-mile beach, for example, provides maximum opportunities for recreation, both passive and active – surfing, diving, horseback riding.

At the same time, Sydney is full of parks and gardens, ancient city fortifications and colonial cathedrals. The Opera House is Sydney’s landmark along with the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary in the Gothic style.

Business-class tickets to Australia allow exploring through excursions on the West Coast and to visit New Zealand. Boat excursions allow observing the underwater through a transparent glass bottom which is stunning during the whale watching season. New Zealand captivates tourists with its perfect panoramas, turning a journey through it into a fairy tale. In Queensland, tourists can watch the platypuses – rare and strange mammals. In Australia, there are many different animals that tourists can admire in the natural environment: kangaroos, koalas, and some predators like Dingo dogs also famous as the Australian Native Dogs.

Australia offers tours for every taste in all major cities: Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and the mysterious Perth.

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Best Airlines that Perform Flights to Australia

Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways is Australia’s main airline and the largest airline in the country. Being based in Sydney at Sydney Airport, Brisbane Airport, and Melbourne Airport this airline services provider flies to more than 40 destinations, including 20 destinations within Australia Qantas is a member of the Oneworld alliance and has code-sharing agreements with more than 25 airlines which makes it a perfect choice to travel.


 Business class passengers are provided with a truly luxurious space. Elegant passenger seats have cushioning, memory foam mattresses suitable for bedtime and a flat-lie position option. Screens, lighting options, storage space, and massage seat function allow withstanding even the longest flight. Skytrax ranked the quality of passenger seats five stars out of five with 200 centimetres seat length in lie-flat position and the width of 61 centimetres.
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Food – Passengers have access to the timeline of the service showing them when they will have meals and drinks. Passengers can order special meals up to 24 hours before the takeoff through online Menu Select. Five-star menu designed by chef Neil Perry. Seasonal dishes with stress on lighter style dishes. However, it is possible to order something like Chicken Schnitzel or Swiss cheese toasted sandwich. Business-class can also help themself from the inflight bar. An exceptional selection of wines from iconic Australian, New Zealandia, and Franch brands.

Entertainment – The luxury Speakeasy bar was created aboard Qantas airlines. The new, improved seating area is vaguely reminiscent of a New York pub. Comfortable sofas and tables will allow airline customers to feel like in a real on-ground bar, not in the plane. Now all passengers have their own aisle exit. There is no need to disturb a neighbour to head to the restroom or bar. Passengers will be able to take advantage of unusual services: facials and hot stone massages right in their cabin.

Entertainment systems produced by Rockwell Collins are LCD screens placed in the seatbacks allow to watch movies during long-haul flights and TV programs during shorter flights. Soe systems have increased functionality such as mobile phone functionality and increased electronics support (USB iPod connectivity).

Lounge – Qantas Club lounges are located in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra) and around the world. Access to these lounges have not only Qantas Club members but also Gold Frequent Flyers, and Oneword Sapphire holders and first-class passengers with one guest who accompanies a passenger on domestic flights and one guest on International flights when a friend travels on the same flight. Qantas clients are offered with complimentary refreshments, business atmosphere, free WIFI on the whole lounge territory. This sites are perfect for a proper rest before the flight and take a shower to feel fresh before the planned trip.
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Air New Zealand

As the national airline of New Zealand, Auckland-based Air New Zealand continuously serves approximately 52 destinations around the world. This airline has three hubs at Auckland Airport, Wellington International Airport, and Christchurch International Airport.

Seats – Using mainly Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 787-9, Boeing 787-9 (789), and Boeing 777-300 the airline is adored by its passengers for 26 business class seats that can be converted into a full multi-purpose surface that allows having a proper royal sleep during long-haul flights from other continents. Length of two meters and a width of 56 centimetres are parameters more than enough to have a proper rest.
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Food – On long-haul routes, passengers will be offered delicious dishes. On the front list of the menu, it is always indicated who created the menu. Dinners, breakfasts, wines and other snacks that allow mange with hunger during the flight.

For Kory hour flights with the travel time over 50 minutes on Mondays to Fridays, passengers can count on snacks, coffee & tea along with muffins and cookies.

Among the most popular foods served on board for the long-haul passengers are Lemon tart, Chicken Thigh, lamb, and Miso tuna. Passengers also can preorder special meals in cases when travelling with babies, if they are vegetarians, vegans, or have any special requirements related to onboard food.

The price for fresh snacks is about between NZD $8.50 – $10 for the following:

  • Bacon and Egg Panini;
  • Bagel, cream cheese and conserve;
  • Chicken, Brie and Cranberry Sandwich;
  • Pie of Angus beef mince and Mozzarella.

The price for snacks like Pringles or M&M’s milk chocolate is about from NZD $3 to $6.
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Entertainment – Films o every taste, music, multi-player games, audiobooks, and many more are available for those wanting to kill some time during the flight. Custom-produced radio channels and CDs even for kids. it is also possible to purchase movies for NZD $10 right from their seat using the credit card, Airpoints Dollars or prepaid voucher. All these are available through entertainment screens built-in each seatback. The free KiaOra magazine is a monthly publication that is available during the flight. Passengers also have access to the flight map in real-time showing where they are as well as outside temperature, speed and the destination time.

Lounge – Air New Zealand members of the Koru programme have unique access to the special lounge area and get the wallet parking along with priority waitlisting and faster check-in. Among the advantages of this program are lounge access, guests and child lounge access, complimentary frequent flyer seating, priority check-in and boarding.

Business-class passengers have access to lounges for about four hours before the flight departure and for Partner Lounges about three hours of access. It is allowed up to three children to accompany the passenger when he is a client of Airpoints Elite, Gold, Elite Partner or Koru member but subject to free space on the day of the flight.

Air New Zealand lounge means free food & drinks, buffet meals and barista coffee and bar. Those searching for comfort to work from their laptops will have free WIFI and business desk. On request, customers can be provided with laptop and printing facilities when not having own equipment with themself.

Magazines and TV, as well as toilets, showers towels and hair dryers, are also available.

Emirates Airline

This airline service provider is the largest airline in the Middle East and one of the main airline carriers performing flights to Australia.

Seats – Onboards of its Boeing 777-200LRs and Boeing 777-300ERs passenger seats are about 1.7 meters long that can be transformed in two-meters-long sleeping beds with the width of 47 centimetres. These seats have the massage function, privacy partition, winged headrest with six changeable positions. Booklovers will also have two individual reading lights.

Food – Relating meals, passengers can order them in advance 24 hours before the take-off. The regular onboard menu allows finding proper nutrition based on age, dietary restrictions, preferences, and religious observance. All dishes are prepared according to Halal dietary. Children’s meals, vegetarian meals, even birthday cakes and champagne meals are possible. Complimentary food and bar service are available on all planes of Emirates.
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Entertainment – As entertainment, Emirates passengers have over 4,500 channels and inflight games in multiple languages on their Audio Visual ICE entertainment system that help to kill some time on long-haul flight distances. Even BBC World news updates can be received when being high in the sky. Those who prefer staying in touch with family or in business even when flying somewhere have a chance to send emails and SMS from any seat onboard.

Lounge – Lounges of this airline carrier are available for first and business class passengers and the owners of Skywards Platinum card. To join the lounge area of Emirates means to have free WIFI access on all the lounge territory. Airport takeout service allows ordering food and beverages when waiting for the flight. Early arrivers have a chance to experience the pre-flight shower and spa offer and relax before the departure.

The airline also has 80 Airport Guides live on its website, online language support for up to 12 languages, airport maps and Priority Pass app to access all benefits and digital features.
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Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world. From its hub, at Singapore’s Changi Airport Singapore Airlines flies to more than 60 destinations in 35 countries on six continents and Austalia is not an exception. There are about 78 business class passenger seats on the boards of Airbus A380.

Business Class Seats

All business class seats have the pitch of 150 centimetres and width of 62 centimetres and can be transformed into a convenient 2-meters-long fully-flat sleeping bed. Business-class seats have positioning: the lazy Z position that ensures the distribution of bodyweight so that it would be centred and balanced when sitting and the Sundeck position when a person can extend the base and foot of the seat and stretch legs and place them on the ottoman. The cushioned headboard will increase the effectiveness of the sleep during the flight.

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Food – This airline service provides passengers with a wide variety of meals, prooving that dining in the sky is possible. Regional dishes are more frequent than others, nevertheless. Popular Local Fare culinary programme offers local favourites to passengers of all classes. Teochew porridge, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Bak Chor Mee are dishes served in terms of Singapoorian native cuisine.

Onboard of Singapore Airlines passengers can find dishes like Seared Tasmanian King Salmon with Cauliflower Puree, Chilli and Ginger Barramundi with Steamed Rice, Classic Lobster Thermidor, Grilled Beef filled with Red Wine Jus, Prosciutto-Wrapped Pork with Polenta and Apple. There are merely numerous dishes that chiefs prepared for passengers flying high and on long-haul distances.

Entertainment – Since 2012 every board of Singapore airlines has $400 million brand new KrisWorld entertainment system along with Panasonic eX3 system. Large screens of high resolution and touch screen controllers with perfect connectivity. This will help the passenger to spend some time during the long-haul flights to Australia. Also, passengers have special stowage space- a side console that is located above the armrest to place something like a laptop or things of similar dimensions. The seat has HDMI, USB, eXport and the power supply to charge electronics during the flight.
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Lounge – SilverKris lounges around the world are areas for the Singapore Airlines passengers of business class who want to relax before their long-lasting journeys and have some alcoholic drink to chill out a bit. These lounges are open 24/7. The yare sheer space with comfortable sofas, productivity pods, high bar seatings and chairs to relax before the flight, read a newspaper and have some snack. Mamy TVs are scattered around the comfortable armchairs and shelves with newspapers and magazines.

Benefits to Fly in Business Class to Australia?

Best business class airlines to Australia perform flights that take passengers from all the departure places around the world and bring them to Australia – the continent of pleasure. There the whole list of benefits of travelling abroad in the first and business class offered by Cheap First Class airline consolidator.

In case of any drawbacks and unpredictable situation, the passengers of the business class always have an opportunity to exchange their tickets to choose other dates at no extra charge.

To check-in for a flight, business class customers can approach to the absolutely free counter and pass the necessary procedure in a few minutes. The fact is that for business class airline owners at airports, there are separate check-in desks for flights.

Business-class passengers can also count on separate aviation security control line operated separately for business customers. Also, at international airports, business class passengers are provided with a separate Lounges to spend time effectively and with comfort. It has everything you need to feel comfortable: convenient chairs, a work area, the Internet, a telephone, a bar with snacks, and most importantly – silence, which is so often searched to do some work remotely from your laptop. Moreover, business class passengers have more flexible permissions relating to their luggage. If you are planning a flight, you don’t have to sort out your suitcase ten times, freeing it from extra stuff to meet the allowed maximum weight.

Business-class passengers have an opportunity to experience the absolutely different level of service and feel great during the whole flight time – from the moment they enter the airport to the moment they arrive at the destination point.

The business class means wide seats with adjustable head restraints, which will provide comfort both during work and during rest. Airline services providers supply their passengers with blankets and pillows to have really qualitative sleep.

The onboard dishes are also designed and cooked by the most prominent chefs whose talents are even more popular than the airline carrier you will fly with. What bout elite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from the free bar?

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Touristic Routes to Australia

Depending on the choice of the airline from Europe to Australia, passengers can fly with a transfer in many cities: Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Singapore, Dubai, Doha, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok.

When flying to Bali, passengers can get Australian Airlines Jetstar that fly from Bali to Australia with a direct flight. The flight to Darwin takes only 1.5 hours and to Sydney or Melbourne for about 6 hours. Through the island of Guam. With Cheap First Class customers can get the ticket for the American airline Delta Airlines, which operates flights from Tokyo to the island of Guam, and from Guam to Cairns in Australia. By the way, you do not need a visa to enter Guam now, so you will visit the tropical island of Guam at the same time, and Japan without any obstacles will provide a 3-day transit visa to everyone who flies through Japan to another country.

Australian terminal & Lounge & Check-in Review

Cheap business class tickets to Australia mean that passengers will have a chance to feel all the advantages and benefits of the highest airline services. And these services start right from the ground.

Australia has the following airports to host its passengers: Adelaide Airport, Airport at Brisbane, at Cairns, Darwin, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. The largest Australian airport is Kingsford Smith International Airport, located in Sydney. In 2007, it served nearly 32 million passengers, providing 290,346 take-offs & landings. The airport is located 10 kilometres from Sydney’s central business district and is very convenient for commercial transactions.

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The largest international airports are in Sydney and Melbourne. A small number of foreign flights operate airports in Cairns, Darwin, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, and Hobart. Flights to Australia are made by over 25 international airlines. The most convenient of them for business flights to Australia in terms of price-quality ratio are JAL, Emirates Airlines, and Cathay Pacific. A plane in Australia is the most convenient means of transportation, and locals often choose this type of transport to travel to another city with comfort.

Flights to Australia are popular all year round because passengers can relax there at any time of the year. On the other hand, flights to Australia last quite a long time, taking about 24 hours, but they are planned including landing in European or Asian cities. And on the way to the desired final destination travellers can enjoy the beauty of several cities. The flight schedule to Australia involves a transfer in one of the European or Asian cities. For example, they may be Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Seoul, Shanghai, etc. Although the cheapest offers may be European airlines with transfers in Europe.

An ideal trip can be organized if you take into account the Australian climate, which may affect the result. Australia’s spring is the rainy season, and winter on the mainland begins in June. Spring comes in September, and real summer in winter. Based on these data, build your vacation in such a way as to fully enjoy the vacation that you have planned for yourself. And pay attention to the fact that even in the harshest winter in Australia, air temperature rarely drops below zero.

The brightest, most spectacular and bewitching holiday is in Australia is the New Year. At this time, tourists from all over the world flock to Australia to see grandiose shows, fireworks over Sydney Bay. This is a great season to travel around the mainland.
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