5 Best Airlines to Fly Business & First Class in 2023

5 Best Airlines to Fly Business & First Class in 2021
A variety of air companies provides higher competition resulting in the increase of servicing quality. Nowadays, there are more than 200 air carriers offering their services around the world. However, only several of them can be called the elite airlines providing their passengers with luxury seats and best servicing on board. In the following article, you will find out which companies offer the best first and business class solutions, and are considered the best luxury airlines in 2023.

1. Etihad Airways

Top 5 Best Luxury Airlines in 2017 - 2

Etihad Airways is recognised as the best luxury airline in the market by the quality of the luxury flights. This national air company of the UAE operates the flights to around 68 destinations around the globe. The luxury flights passenger of Etihad Airway are offered the Residence Suite on the board of Airbus A380.

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The suit provides three rooms, equipped with closing doors, full flat bed, armchair, wardrobe and shower. Such features as 23” widescreen, personal flight attendant, menu with refined restaurant dishes, personal mini bar are needless to be mentioned. Etihad has achieved a new level of luxury in the air.

2. Singapore Airlines

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Singapore Airlines offers long haul luxury seats for its elite customers. The luxury class cabin is called SkySuite, and is probably the most spacious cabin among the competitors. In addition, the amenity kit is designed by Salvatore Ferragamo – the famous Italian brand. You can easily book business and first class flight tickets from Singapore to international destinations with Cheap First Class to plan your holiday with our latest travel deals and promotions

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The best luxury seats of Singapore Airlines are offered on the board of Airbus A380. The seats, which convert in bed, are covered in Connolly leather. Menus on the aircrafts of SA are prepared by the famous chefs. Everything on the aircrafts of SA is made for the comfort of its guests.

3. Emirates

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According to the Telegraph Travel Awards, Emirates was named the best air company in the world. For its more than 30 years history, Emirates has become one of the leaders in luxury air traveling worldwide. It is impossible to evaluate the feelings of its top customers, when they get into the luxury suites.

Top 5 Best Luxury Airlines in 2017 - 6

The company emphasizes its privacy commitment, so that their passengers can enjoy private room with sliding doors, dressing area, and own shower room. The other elite features by Emirates include the amenities by Bvlgari and excellent dining options accompanied by an exquisite assortment of wines.

4. Cathay Pacific Airways

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This famous airliner from Hong Kong ranks fourth in our list of the best luxury air companies. The company’s aim is to become the best airline, and Cathay Pacific exerts best efforts to achieve this goal. As for the elite class opportunities, the airliner keeps in line with the competitors in terms of privacy for its elite passengers.

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In addition to the standard set of luxury options, the guest of Cathay Pacific can experience the massage chairs installed in the first class cabins. The company demonstrates a top quality services, but it lags behind the competitors due to the lesser amount of long haul luxury flights.

5. Qantas

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It is interesting but no airliner from Europe or the USA managed to enter the top 5 of the best air carriers in terms of luxury. Even the final, the fifth representative, originates from Australia. Actually, Qantas is the largest domestic and international airliner in Australia.

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The company makes a special accent on its international routes, providing its passengers with the best options in the air. Thus, the elite guests are offered with a champagne bar fitted with gold chandeliers. The suites are equipped with swivelling seats covered in sheepskin. For more passengers’ comfort, the luxury suites also contain an ottoman. Qantas rightfully rounds out the top five air companies in 2023.

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