First Class Flights with ANA All Nippon Airways 2021

ANA All Nippon Airways First Class

Japan is a unique country. Here, the quality of the services provided is always at the top. With no exaggeration, Japanese people strive for excellence and apply the best practices to everything they produce and offer.

Today, we are going to provide you with the information about one of the greatest international airlines. ANA All Nippon Airways first class review would be your reliable assistant when choosing your next destination or the most convenient way to get to a certain place on the world map.

Benefits of All Nippon Airways First Class Service

The types of services the company offers are quite usual for the airline industry. Here, just like at most airline companies, you can choose the class service you want from the following options:

  • Economy Class,
  • Premium Economy,
  • Business Economy,
  • First Class.

Each of them caters to the needs of certain passengers. Generally, the decision on what service type to choose depends on the duration of the flight. No doubts, the longer you travel, the more comfort you need.

Let’s take a look at the following example. The flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles takes just a little more than an hour of your time. In most cases, the passenger does not even have enough time to enjoy this flight. The takeoff duration is around half of an hour, then you have a short journey above the clouds and it’s already time to land. In this case, the passenger does not pay attention to the level of comfort, as the flight is fast.

It is a completely different kind of situation that you have when travelling from New York to Tokyo. The journey lasts from 15 to 39 hours! No matter if there is a transfer or not, the flight is extremely time-consuming and pretty difficult. When looking for the airline company for the flights like this, the passenger chooses the one that guarantees the highest quality of services possible.

The review of ANA first class services proves that this option is the most pleasant for long international flights.

Benefits to First-class Passengers

  1. enjoy a beneficially quick check-in,
  2. use priority lines for security check,
  3. feel the perks of priority baggage service,
  4. access the lounge zone,
  5. have the extended personal space on the board,
  6. enjoy the delicious menu,
  7. have fun with the entertainment on board,
  8. have a good rest during the flight.

General Information about ANA First Class

ANA All Nippon Airways First Class review

Before we proceed to the further review of All Nippon Airways first class, let’s enhance our knowledge about this company.

This is the largest airline company in Japan. Its story started more than 50 years ago when ANA (at that time – Japan Helicopter and Aeroplane Transports company) made the first flights within Japan. For more than 30 years, the flights remained domestic. Only in the 1980s, the company started its international breakthrough.

Where Can You Fly with ANA Nippon Airways?

These days, the company offers a great number of destinations, including:

  1. 56 cities of Japan,
  2. multiple cities all over the USA,
  3. Canada,
  4. Mexico,
  5. Hawaii and Caribbean islands,
  6. Central South America,
  7. Europe (the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, France, and Austria),
  8. the Middle East (Israel and the United Arab Emirates),
  9. Africa (Nigeria and South Africa),
  10. China,
  11. Taiwan,
  12. Korea,
  13. South and South-East Asia (Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand),
  14. Australia and Oceania.

ANA flights cover the whole world and provide passengers with brilliant services.

Types of Planes

Currently, the company uses 219 planes for its flights.

The passenger fleet includes different models of the following planes:

  • Airbus,
  • Boeing,
  • Mitsubishi.

Booking Procedure with ANA

 First Class of ANA All Nippon Airways

No doubts, the very first step to a successful flight is booking. You can easily do it via ANA official website. Here, 4 options are available:

Flight Reservation

Just a few clicks will let you get your seat on board.

My Booking

You can easily check the status of your booking by entering the reservation number and your full name.


You can go through the check-in procedure online starting from 24 hours before the departure, but no later than 75 minutes.

Flight Status

Check your flight status online and prepare for the trip!

According to most ANA airlines first class review, passengers prefer booking online and enjoy the way the online procedure is organized.

All Nippon Airways Services

 First Class

We have mentioned some of the services in the section on the benefits of flying with ANA above. But, let’s pay more attention to the services themselves.

Before the Take Off

The first-class passengers feel the advantages of their status from the moment they enter the terminal up till they take a cab from the place of arrival to the city center.


Comfortable terminals with the opportunity to check in on-site are fully at first-class passengers’ disposal. No exhausting queues – you can enjoy convenience from the very beginning. After the seamless check-in, you can pass the security check and enter the lounge zone.

Lounge Zone

At the lounge zone, a passenger can relax and prepare for the flight. Here, you can make an order from the extended menu with a variety of meals and taste delicious beverages.

During the Flight

After you complete the boarding procedure, the level of comfort does not decrease. The ANA first class review claims that passengers are provided with the highest level of services quality onboard.

Cabin and Seats

Your private space on board is designed based on the latest technologies. The smart approach and optimized space usage make you forget about any potential inconveniences and enjoy the flight. All Nippon Airways first class cabin will surprise you with how comfortable the conditions are!


Films, programs, audio books – on the board of any ANA plane you can pick the option that entertains you the most. A variety of films including the latest premieres and rare films, audiobooks of your favorite authors are here to speed up your time and make the journey pleasant. Additionally, you are offered different music, sports, art programs, etc.

Food and Drinks

Alcohol and non-alcohol beverages accompanied by Japanese delicacies impressed many of those who shared their All Nippon Airways Boeing 777 300er first class review.

Why Fly with All Nippon Airways and Choose the First Class Flights

The ANA airlines company takes care of its customers. More than 60 years in the industry allowed them to understand travellers’ needs in perfect details and provide the services that customers love.

Why choose ANA Airways? Let’s take a look at the top reasons for that:

– exceptional convenience at the airports’ terminals and during the flight,

high-level customer care,

– reasonable prices,

– confidence and peace when taking off, flying and landing.


ANA All Nippon Airways is the most trustworthy company in Japan. Day by day, it improves the daily routine and extends the borders to provide brilliant services to millions of people worldwide. Passengers choose it because it is worth their attention and trust. Consider ANA Airways as a reliable carrier for your next trip!

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