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business flights to taipaiTaiwan has been repeatedly named a great choice of location for doing business, and there is a couple of reasons for that. Taiwan has a massive intellectual advantage, as over 40% of workforce have a college or a university degree. The infrastructure in Taiwan is excellent, with two international airports, seven international harbors and railway networks covering the entire island. Sound legal environment and strong IT cluster make Taiwan all the more attractive for those who want to set up a company.

The advantageous geographical position of Taiwan is yet another reason why this city is an excellent place for doing business. Cheap business class to Taipei are very popular among business travellers. Located at the very heart of the Asia-Pacific region, Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, has direct cross-strait links with Tokyo and Seoul to the Northeast, Shanghai to the North, Hong Kong to the West, Singapore to the Southwest and the capitals of ASEAN countries to the South.

The largest and the busiest airport in Taiwan is located 40 km away from Taipei. On average, a direct flight to Taipei from the US is about 15 hours long. The exact duration of your flight may differ depending on the exact location of the airport from which you depart as well as on the layover duration in case there is any.

A flight to Taipei from the US is very long, which is why we strongly recommend that you opt for a business class seat if you are planning a business trip to Taipei. The seats in business class are very spacious and extremely comfortable, which is especially important on such a long flight.

But the comfort of the seats isn’t the only benefit of business class tickets to Taipai. The distance between the seats is substantially larger than in economy class, and the number of fellow-passengers is much smaller. The food served in business class is of restaurant quality and the menu is very varied. Every aspect of inflight service is absolutely impeccable.

There is no surprise in the fact that business and first class tickets are very pricey. Cheap business class flights to Taipei are pretty rare, but you can easily find great business class deals and book a cheap flight, if you know where to look. is your best friend if you want to get the best price-quality ratio of airfares to Taipei on the market. At, we offer a variety of deals on business class airfares to Taipei on a regular basis. Flying with us, not only can you enjoy every luxury of business class fares to Taipei, you also pay the lowest price.

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