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Business Class to Norway

Price: $6954
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First Class to Norway

Price: $8678
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Cheap Business Class to Norway

Visiting Norway soon? Don’t miss out on the chance to get the cheapest plane tickets for the best journey ever. We are glad to help you with the tickets; the rest is on you.

Review of Top 5 Airports – Norway

Norway has 98 airports all around the country, but only 45 of them operate public flights.

Here are the top 5 airports in Norway that you can go to easily:

  • Oslo Airport;
  • Bergen Airport;
  • Trondheim Airport;
  • Stavanger Airport;
  • Tromsø Airport.
  • Airport Information: Oslo

    This airport is located 35 km northeast of Oslo – the capital and the most populated city of Norway. It operates 26 domestic flights and more than 150 international ones. Due to this, this is the second-busiest airport in the entire Northern part of the world. It handles nearly 27,000,000 passengers each year.

    Airport Information: Bergen

    This airport is located at Flesland near Bergen in Hordaland county. It serves more than 6,000,000 people per year. Bergen Airport has 36 direct flights to Europe. The most popular destinations are Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and London. It is the second-busiest among Norway airports.

    Airport Information: Trondheim

    This airport is located 19 km east of Trondheim and it serves international and domestic flights. More than 4,000,000 passengers per year use its services.

    Trondheim airport serves 17 domestic, 21 international, and 18 charter flights.

    Airport Information: Stavanger

    This airport is located 11 km southwest of Stavanger in Rogaland county. Stavanger Airport serves both international and domestic flights. It gets about 4,500,000 passengers per year, which makes it the fourth busiest Norway airport.

    Airport Information: Tromsø

    This airport is located northwest of Tromsø on the Tromsøya island. Tromsø Airport serves domestic and international flights and has around 2,000,000 passengers a year. This airport is the most easily reachable one.

    Transportation to & from Norway Airports

    Oslo Airport

    This airport has a high-speed railway, Gardermoen, that connects the airport and the city. It is a very convenient way to get to Oslo, and most people use it.

    Bergen Airport

    This airport has a bus that will take you to the city center within half an hour. You can also get a train/boat/bus if needed. The airport bus arrives every 10 minutes during the day and there are also several rides during the night.

    Trondheim Airport

    This airport has Nettbuss, Unibuss, and NSB train circulating regularly. So there won’t be a problem with getting to the city.

    Stavanger Airport

    This airport has several buses that could take you to several cities like Stavanger, Bryne, and Sandness in less than 30 minutes.

    Tromsø Airport

    This airport has its own airport express coach Flybusses that will take you to the city center in less than 15 minutes. There are also local buses 40 and 42.
    Norway Airports and Business Class Lounges

    The business class lounge is a great place to relax, read a book or a newspaper, get a nice hearty meal, and maybe catch up on some necessary work. Most business class lounges in Norway offer computer rooms, Wi-Fi, and even conference rooms.

    You can get a ticket with a built-in pass to the lounge or pay for the entrance right there.

    Review of Top 5 Airlines First & Business Class

    Check out these top 5 airlines with a great service that you can use to get to Norway.

    SAS Scandinavian Airlines

    They have comfortable sleeping seats with a massage option and also a variety of healthy foods.

    American Airlines

    They have great Wi-Fi on the plane, a nice amenity pack, and everything you need for night flights like slippers with pajamas and mattress pads.


    They have an entertainment program with a multi-language interface, nice individual and children menus, and business class lounges in all airports.

    Brussels Airlines

    They have an online movie list that you can watch during the flight, a box of Brussels chocolate that they present you before landing, and a nice menu.

    Cathay Pacific Airways

    They have very convenient seats, an extended amenity kit, and extremely tidy planes.

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