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How to Get First Class Flight to Amsterdam

First class is the highest and most expensive class to travel by airplanes with an executive outstanding comfort. Only top-rated international airlines can offer such perfect, luxury, and stylish service on their long-distance flights. The cabins of the First class, situated in the front part of the aircraft, have elite private lounges with very comfortable seats and completely flat beds with perfect mattresses and bed linens. These cabins are well equipped with TV screens, that have all options of business commodities and up-to-date entertainments. The refined meals and drinks may satisfy the most demanding passengers. Generally, even spa treatments and shower on board with luxury cosmetics are available in the First class to Amsterdam. Attention to all details, very kind personnel and the highest level of luxury services make the First class similar to the 5++ hotel. In addition, the passengers of the First class enjoy an advantage of easy and fast procedures at both departures and arrivals. There are not more than 12 seats in the First class department. That’s why it may present some difficulties to find the right tickets of the First class due to the limited offer. The premium cabins are very often reserved for corporate travelers in advance.

Fly First Class Comfort

Those travelers, who prefer to fly with the maximum comfort, are willing to spend extra money for luxury and high-class services. The cost of First class air tickets is flexible. In many ways, it depends on the demand of the travelers. The fares for the First class often reach to thousands of US dollars. The price is increasing considerably in the eve of big holidays on the popular directions. The last First class tickets can be sold at a very high price and not all can afford them.

Amsterdam-Schiphol International Airport Schiphol International Airport (AMS) is one of the biggest airports in Europe with hundreds of international flights every day. The average flight time from New York to Amsterdam is about seven hours.

First of all, KLM is recommended for the flights from the US to Amsterdam, because this is the Dutch Airline company, offering First Class services on their modern air crafts. Among other airline companies on this itinerary are Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic and others. Each of these airlines offers non-stop flights to Amsterdam from many cities of the United States of America.
klm first class

Online Booking first class flights to Netherlands

Ordinary, people are selecting and booking their air flights on the Internet. There are many booking websites and engines on the Internet. Several of them are uniquely specialized on the First class bookings. Selections, bookings, and payments are much comfortable and easy from home. There is no need to pass over the long queues at airline agencies or at the airports. Whether you are flying for business or for meeting with relatives and friends, online booking service can offer a big number of First class air tickets at a good price.

While searching for the best deals on the booking websites, you should be ready for difficulties with finding the right flights with affordable prices. The air tickets of the premium class may be gone so quickly, that finding the necessary tickets for the desired dates can be a challenge for many travelers.

Start Searching for Cheaper Flight Tickets Earlier

To take this into account, it is highly recommended to start selecting the best flight in the First class two or even three months before the desired dates. Online booking systems and engines give different opportunities for air tickets reservations. These websites offer discounts, inform about special deals, and even offer privileges to constant customers. In addition, there are bonus miles and benefit points that can be used for upgrading already booked tickets up to the First class.

Due to the severe competition in the air travel market, many airlines are trying to be more attractive for travelers by their prices and services. That’s why international airlines usually sell the premium cabin seats at reasonable prices. The prior task for them is to fill up all available seats.

Besides searching for the best tickets on booking websites, it would be useful to visit websites of airline companies, as well as to follow airlines on social networks and to take a look at many forums about air travels. There could be special offers and hints how to get it for the best price. If you find a super deal, book it as quickly as possible in order to not miss it.

Trust Accredited Flight Booking Agencies

In many cases, you will not able to book the desired flight in the First class at once. In these cases, booking engines will advise you to call the premium class agents or consolidators, who can personally assistant you in that booking. These agents, being members of IATA (International accreditation) or ASTA (US accreditation), have additional opportunities for air tickets reservations, such as access to unpublished air ticket discounts, allowing to save up to 50% of the airfare. When you select the best flights, make sure to have the total price, including all taxes, airports fees and other surcharges. Check the terms of this reservation and the cost for possible changes. Payments by credit cards are suitable. It has an insurance for any case. Use the airline record locator and ensure, that the tickets are confirmed by the airline company.

The round-trip airfare in the First class from JFK International Airport of New York to Schiphol International Airport of Amsterdam on different online booking sites can vary from 2,568 USD by United Airlines to 10,812 USD by American Airlines. The difference in tickets costs is very big and it is better to spend the time and efforts to find the best option.

Air Tickets Upgrade

Airlines are always looking for finding ways to maximize the benefit from every seat in the First class. One of the ways to sell available seats in the First class is an upgrading of already booked tickets to the higher class tickets with an additional fee or using flyer miles.

Suppose, after many efforts to make reservations of the best flight, you managed to book Business classes air tickets, but you still want to fly in the First class. Many airlines offer a one-class upgrade for an additional fee, provided there are available seats. Some reservations, made in advance, can be canceled before the assigned time limit. The cash upgrades are possible to make either at the airport or online. Normally, the total price of the First class air tickets would be significantly less than the initial price of the First class seats outright. For instance, KLM usually offers upgrades through online reservations, although such offers are not very frequent and seem to be on a random basis. Having the Business class tickets, it would be possible to upgrade them to the First class tickets. It is expected to pay additionally about 300 US dollars for the flight from New York to Amsterdam.

Auctions for Air Tickets Upgrades

Actually, there is an increasing number of auctions for upgrades. Many airlines rely on this marketing measures to increase their income. Passengers with a confirmed booking are offered to make online bids for an upgrade of their tickets. Some airlines do not allow the cheaper fare classes, such as Economy and Premium Economy, to upgrade. The upgrade auction is limited in time before the flight departure. If your bid is highest, you win and the upgrade is processed with the payment taken. If you lose, then no payment is made and your original tickets are still valid.

There is also another way to upgrade the already booked air tickets by using flyers for miles or benefit points. Most airlines allow upgrades on their own flights, depending on the availability of seats. Sometimes, airline companies offer an upgrade option for partner airlines as well.

Upgrading of Business class air tickets to the First class

Upgrading of Business class air tickets to the First class on long-distance flights is one of the best ways to use your accumulated miles. With purchasing the revenue air tickets, you will also earn miles and useful points too. Some airline companies run their marketing programs by offering elite flyers and upgrade vouchers. If you have not sufficient miles for an upgrade, some airlines will either allow you to purchase miles or to make a part-cash upgrade. There are a lot of scams on the Internet, so it is recommended to be careful in buying cheap upgrade opportunities on the doubtful websites.

Other Opportunities

There are also other ways to book First class air tickets from the USA to Amsterdam. Fifth freedom routes program is one of the ways to obtain the First class tickets at a reasonable price. Many airlines, including KLM, offer this option having the rights to carry passengers between two cities outside the airline’s home country. More information about this program can be found on the official website of the airline company. The consolidators or travel agents may advise you too.

Then, less known international airlines, such as SAS, LOT, Air Portugal, Aer Lingus or Air India, can offer affordable First class airfares. Iceland Air is offering the reasonable price for their transatlantic premium classes tickets with the required stop in Reykjavik.

If your flights are going to be on the regular basis, it is advising to use one of the programs, developed by airline companies for their constant customers. These companies offer their own credit cards, discount programs, and their club memberships.

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