Cheap First Class Flights to Singapore from the USA

Some airline carriers do not separate their first and business class offers, therefore making no difference between them. Only new luxury Asian  airlines offer first class for longer air and shorter trips. However, the difference between the two luxury classes does exist.

First and business class passengers travel are value comfort and luxury on the very high level. Thus, if you want the real first class, you would get dedicated security queues and access to perks like airport lounges, the private suite with various exquisite options, such as long-haul seat, which turns into a lie-flat bed, Wi-Fi, TV, shower, along with  guaranteed in-seat power supply and USB ports, enabling you to work on the fly.

Of course, the options of your first class cabin would depend on the flight and the airline. It should be noted that some companies offer the meal prepared under auspices of a famous chef, and serve recherche beverages.

Cheap First Class Flights to Singapore from the USA

In addition to on-board options, the first class customers can enjoy the benefits of lounge areas and personal attendants, specially provided for the premium passengers.
As it was mentioned above, the quality and number of luxury options depends on the route and the air company you choose. The best first class flights are provided for the international flights.
All these elegance and luxury would cost twice more than the ordinary business class. Someone may consider it too expensive, but if you receive an exclusive lounge area and a Porsche to be driven to an aircraft (such services are provided for the first class customers of Lufthansa in Frankfurt), the price is worth it.

17 Benefits of Flying Business & First Class to Singapore

  1. Enhanced health and safety measures
  2. Quick and easy pre-flight experiences
  3. Fast track security.
  4. Dedicated check-in desks.
  5. Priority boarding and deplaning
  6. Access to private lounges.
  7. Premium In-flight entertainment options.
  8. A spacious seat, adaptable to your personal space.
  9. Advanced LED lighting.
  10. Delicious dine-on-demand cuisine.
  11. A luxurious selection of amenities.
  12. State-of-the-art communications system.
  13. Early arrival to the airport
  14. Premium assistance to your departure, connection or arrival
  15. Last minute schedule and ticket changes 
  16. Extra luggage allowance.
  17. Business class priority baggage

Best Airlines Providing First Class to Singapore from the USA

The several airline companies offer first class services from the USA to Singapore. These include:

  1. Korean Air;
  2. Singapore Airlines;
  3. Asiana Airlines;
  4. American Airlines;
  5. ANA Nippon Airlines;
  6. Malaysian Airlines.

Depending on the route, some of them may collaborate, for example, Asiana Airlines and Singapore Airlines provide joint flight services from Chicago to Singapore.Which of them can be called the best ones? Let’s have a look at the average first class suite.

Korean Air can boast of providing their premium customers with 180-degree fully flat seat, 23 inches LCD monitor. In addition, the customers obtain all types of ground and in-flight services, such as special lounge areas, selected menus, amenity kits, exclusive check-in counter and many others. Singapore Airlines keeps up and offer leather upholstered suites to their customers along with the onboard restaurant. Asiana Airlines leave their competitors behind due to the 32 inches TV. Other options are almost the same.

How to Find Cheap Business & First Class Tickets to Singapore

In addition to the recommended websites above, there are several ways to get cheap first class tickets.

1. Become an elite customer

This is quite a long but reliable process. Frequent use of services of a particular airline company will increase your flyer status. Such customers are placed on top of standby list in relation to cheap first class flights. If you fly often, participate in flyer programs offered by airlines. Earn flying points, and you will earn the status of elite customer in some time.

2. Use the co-branded credit card

All major airlines issue special credit cards to their customers. Using them you ca earn miles to be upgraded to premium class. Most airlines charge fees for that, but in result, it leads to great economy. There are also the unified credit cards, including Chase Sapphire Preferred, Discover it Miles and others, which are supported by major airlines.

3. Special ticket type

Within the USA and Canada, there is a special type of first class fares (Y-UP or K-UP). It refers to an ordinary seat as coach, however, a customer will be automatically seated in premium class if there is enough place there. It is difficult to find such tickets online, therefore ask your air company directly about them.

4. Volunteer game

On some reasons, air companies may ask for volunteers to take a later flight. If you are ready, ask to upgrade you to premium class for the next flight. Everything happens.

5. Compensation claim

Even flying in coach class, you are entitled to compensation in case of some inconveniences through a fault of airline. These include broken seat or some onboard devices, loss of your luggage or flight delay. You can ask to reassign you to first class.

6. Upgrade to premium class

In cases, when the first class seats are undersold, the airlines attempt to sell out premium class tickets before a departure. It is possible to buy an upgrade to premium class at a minimal rate.

7. Customer loyalty

Many airline companies offers loyalty programs. Participate in the programs and get regular discounts and rewards, including the chance to obtain cheap premium class airfares.

8. Arrive early

If a flight is underbooked, an airline provides first class tickets at discount or even free.

9. Online bid

Many air companies conduct online bids prior to any flight. Submit your bid and try your fortune!

10. Mind your manners

You should demonstrate the intelligent behavior if you want to be upgraded to first class. Mind yourself.

11. Travel agent can make the entire job

Airlines usually cooperate with travel agencies. Thus, if you choose a proper travel agent you may receive privileges required for the first class upgrade. Agents have a priority to book discounted first class deals.

12. Get bonuses online

Do not forget online browsing as a mean to find cheap first class deals. Such forums as FlyerTalk or contain the latest data about premium class prices. Be subscribed to the air companies, since they may inform their customers about cheap upgrades shortly before a departure!

13. Choose the proper flight date

Mostly, the premium customers prefer to stay home on the national and public holidays. This means that premium suits are undersold and an upgrade is likely to be offered to the coach passengers.

This is not a complete list of loopholes and tips how to get cheap premium class tickets. May be you have your own experience or some advice. If it works, try it!

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