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When traveling around Paris, the guests of the city have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy not only the majestic taste of French cuisine, but also to appreciate the stunning and spectacular views of the capital of the France. There are various restaurants in Paris for every budget, providing both mouthwatering dishes and splendid perspective on the most picturesque spots of the city.

So, if you are planning to visit the city of love, take into account the restaurants, where you can observe the spectacular Parisian vistas while keeping an eye on the delicious foods. Here are the best restaurants in Paris to enjoy the amazing views.

Best restaurants in Paris with a view

1. Le Jules Verne

Le Jules Verne restaurant with luxury view in Paris

The most obvious choice is the restaurant Spectacular View in Paris, which is located inside the Eiffel Tower – Le Jules Verne. You will find here the traditional French dishes, which are cooked from the best French ingredients. It should be noted that the prices are higher than in other restaurants, because it is the central place to enjoy the views of Paris while having a meal.

2. Georges

Georges - restaurant with the best view in paris

Probably, this is the best spot in Paris to sink in the vista of the Eiffel Tower on the background of sunset. The calm outside terrace of the Georges Restaurant, which is located on the top of the National Museum of Modern Art, opens great views of Paris. The most popular visit time of this venue is the lunch time and time of sunset on weekends. For those, who want to save money and experience this spot it is recommended to peep into Georges for afternoon coffee or tea.

3. La Tour d’Argent

La Tour d’Argent restaurant with luxury view

The visitors of this historic restaurant find themselves in the most grandiose halls of Paris. The traditional French cuisine offers many dishes including the famous roast duck accompanied with wines of special edition. La Tour d’Argent opens its perspectives on Cathédrale Notre Dame and Seine that makes it one of the most expensive places in Paris, but it’s a best view restaurant in Paris.

4. 6 New York

6 New York paris best restaurant views in paris

Another place with a luxury view in Paris on the Eiffel Tower is 6 New York. The prominent chefs of this venue offer the fresh fish and organic meats at your choice. It is an interesting place with top notch dishes, which is worth visiting, despite the rather high prices.

5. Les Ombres

Les Ombres

The Eiffel Tower is located directly in front of the rooftop of this venue. The only disadvantage of Les Ombres is to understand, which is better: the magnificent tower or the delicious dishes. The luxury restaurant provides rather affordable prices. Thus, the cheapest three-course meal will cost 68 Euro.

6. Le Ciel de Paris

Le Ciel de Paris

Hopefully, you are not tired of the Eiffel Tower views. In addition to exquisite cuisine, Le Ciel de Paris offers amazing vistas of the most famous tower in Paris. By the way, the prices in this restaurant vary depending on the chosen seat. The better view you get, the more expensive your dinner will be.

7. Kong


If your trip to Paris happened to be in winter, there is one place, which is especially wonderful when it is snowing. The Kong restaurant provides impressive glass curved windows from which the most spectacular views on the Paris are available. The city is beautiful all seasons around the year.

8. Victoria 1836

It’s a just great restaurant without view.

The peculiarity of Victoria 1836 is the close location to the Arc de Triomphe. Despite the rather high prices, this venue is quite popular, especially on weekends, since the visitors would taste mouthwatering crab ravioli with pleasure.

9. Le Perchoir

Le Perchoir

This place provides friendly and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy the picturesque sunset in Paris. Le Perchoir is the rooftop bar with amazing view, which is one of the best in the city, offering superb cocktails and delicious food.

10. Maison Blanche

Maison Blanche

Another luxury and famous place with its views on the Champs-Elysée and the Eiffel Tower. This luxury restaurant is located on the Avenue Montaigne, which is famous for the most expensive shops. The restaurant is designed all white with enormous glass panels for the better vista on the city. You should expect that the price of the refined dishes of this restaurant will be considerable, since Maison Blanche is a special venue.

11. Hotel Terass

Hotel Terass

Hotel Terass” turns its terrace into restaurant for dinner and lunch. The location of this luxury hotel is Montmartre that provides the breathtaking vista on the city with the Eiffel Tower far in the distance.

12. Café Richelieu

Café Richelieu

This venue is located has an outdoor terrace, from which you can enjoy the views of the Napoleon courtyard, the Louvre, and the Pyramid. Actually, Café Richelieu is famous not for its cuisine, but for being a perfect place for making photos of this museum.

13. Antoine

In addition to the perspective on the Eiffel Tower, this restaurant can boast of an open kitchen stretching across the dining room. The interior of the Antoine Restaurant is attractive, just like its sea cuisine by the famous chef Thibault Sombardier. The restaurant offers quite reasonable prices, so you do not need a fortune to visit this place.

14. Le Domaine de la Corniche

Le Domaine de la Corniche

It is another restaurant in the hotel. Despite the fact that Le Domaine de la Corniche is located outside Paris on the top of a hill, it offers the spectacular overlooks of the city and the surrounding area. Actually, it is a quiet and comfortable place to relax from the city haste. The astonishing cuisine of this restaurant will be appreciated by any gourmet.

15. Le Miroir

This restaurant is situated in the Melia hotel. If you seat on the top floor, you will be able to enjoy the commendable views of the Parisian sights including the Eiffel Tower. The menu of Le Miroir offers various meals such as asparagus risotto, roasted pineapple, squid carpaccio, and many other delicious foods at your choice.

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