Cheap First Class Flights to Hong Kong from USA 2021

Most people travel in coach class. The lesser amount of people can afford business class options, and only the limited group of people have a first class travel experience. The first class customers feel their advantages both in the air and on land. They have access to luxury lounge areas, equipped with all the comforts you may desire. The other benefits embrace comfortable fully flat lie seats, enormous private space, exquisite food and drinks. Naturally, such kind of advantages will cost money, however, the people, who prefer comfort and luxury, will choose the first class.

Hong Kong

Nevertheless, sometimes you do not have to pay a huge amount of money to have first class flight experience. Many airliners offer different kinds of upgrades for their customers, the price of which is much less than the first class airfare. In addition, the price may fluctuate depending on the date of departure, destination, airport and some other factors.

So, how one can become a first class passenger? Simple purchasing of expensive tickets is not interesting for us. E.g., you need to fly to Hong Kong from the USA, and it would be wonderful to use first class privileges. Let’s try to accomplish your dream.

How to Find Cheap First Class Flights to Hong Kong from the USA

Some air companies offer various miles accumulating programs to be upgraded to the best company’s services. It means that if you fly a lot, you can collect a particular amount of miles and become an option of some offer of your airliner. First class services can be such an option for an upgrade of your ticket.

Moreover, there are online services for the search of cheap first class deals. E.g., a – a famous service, where you can find various offers of air companies in relation to premium class tickets. The other useful web services include and – two search engines to find discounted prices for the first class air tickets. Believe or not, but one can save up to 65% of first class airfare if using these web services.

FYA, there are several advices, which can provide you with the cheap first class tickets.

1. Elite status

Use the services of a particular air company within a prolonged period of time and you will increase your status. Such customers are often provided with discounted first class deals. By the way, you can become a member of a flyer program, earning flying points in order to become an elite customer.

2. Be a volunteer

Sometimes the air companies need volunteers to change the flight. For example, you may take a later flight, asking for first class seats.

3. Special credit cards

There are special credit cards issued by the air carriers to their customers. These cards are used to collect miles according to some flyer program. You may also use cards of Discover it Miles or Capital One Venture Rewards, or any other unified card, supported by major airlines.

4. Compensation

In case of any inconvenience due to the fault of air carrier, you are entitled to compensation. This compensation may include the upgrade to the first class. Just do not try to fabricate any inconvenience, this won’t bring benefit.

5. Customer loyalty

Become a member of loyalty programs offered by airline companies. These programs provide discounts and rewards. You may get cheap first class airfares due to such a loyalty program.

6. Online bonuses

Browse online to find discounted first class deals. Use various forums or blogs, which contain the updated information about prices to access the first class cabin. You may also become an airliner’s subscriber in order to receive the latest info about cheap upgrades!

Regular and Discounted Prices for Cheap First Class to Hong Kong

So, you need to find cheap premium class tickets to Hong Kong. The companies, providing flights with premium cabins to Hong Kong from the USA, include Air China, Cathay Pacific Airways, China Eastern, Asiana Airlines, Korean Air and many others. And now the most essential question arises: How much are we talking?

Hong Kong is economic and financial center in Asia. This city is an accumulation of many cultures, from ancient Chinese traditions to the contemporary Hong Kong skyscrapers. You can fly to HK from most parts of the world. The International Airport of Hong Kong is connected with many international airlines. More than 70 air companies provide their services for travelers from the USA. The most famous U.S. departure cities embrace San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New York, Denver, Detroit, and Atlanta. The major Hong Kong’s airliner is Cathay Pacific Airways, providing direct flights from New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Top Airlines to Choose

Air China

Air China is one of the largest air companies of People’s Republic of China. This airliner is a member of the Star Alliance, which means that vital codeshare opportunities with such carriers as Lufthansa, Air Canada, United Airlines and many others are available. The average first class airfare to Hong Kong is $9,452. The discounted price for the first class services may reach $3,000-4,000.

Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Airways should be on top of this list, since it is the flag airliner of Hong Kong. This company covers about 180 destinations, providing cargo and passenger services to 44 countries. The first class in Cathay Pacific flight to HK costs around $17,481. It should be mentioned that this is the price of direct flight without any stops. The cheap first class will be around $11,000.

Korean Air

Korean Air is one of the leading air companies in the Asian market. It offers many flights from various U.S. cities to Hong Kong with a regular price of $8,041. Having a discount, the cost may decrease to $3,500.


Emirates is a world’s famous airliner, providing top class luxury services in the air. It has an international status and offers flights from the USA to HK with a regular airfare of $12,667. The cheap first class to HK with Emirates may cost around $5,000.

United Airlines

United Airlines is the U.S. air carrier in our top list. The average price of first class seat to HK is $11,393. However, this airliner offers various options and programs, which may decrease the price to around $5,000.

The list of all air companies, which provide air services to Hong Kong from the U.S. cities, amounts to around 100 pieces. You will waste your time when screening all these air services providers, therefore, it is recommended to use some online services, which will find the best option according to your requirements.

Where to Find Cheap First Class Tickets

The following online services have already been mentioned above. Nevertheless, they deserve more detailed attention from your side, because any of these websites can save your time and, most important, your money. There is nothing difficult in using these services. You need to know your destination and a desired date of departure. Leave the rest to the state-of-the-art algorithms and professionals.

Cheap First Class is the best service to find discounted first class deals. An average user of this website saves around 65% of airfare. No potential and valid low-fare offerings of any company can hide from Cheap First Class. This service proves that services of first class are not necessary to cost a huge sum of money.

Cheap First Class is a web tool to assist travelers and regular people to spare on air services. This service has been in operation since 2005. If you know Fareportal, the company engaged in travel management and wholesale distribution of air tickets, it would be interesting for you to learn that CheapOair is a part of its group. This service is designed not only for search of air services. You can find here everything necessary for vacation or traveling, including cruises, hotels, car rent etc. In addition, you may choose the interest of your travel and make a search, for example, you need a military travel – choose this option and wait for the search results. The same kind of search is available for last minute travel, red eye flights, senior travel, student travel and many other options.

Regular Prices for Cheap First Class to Hong Kong from the USA. How Much You Can Save

The prices for air tickets to Hong Kong differ depending on the departure city. We will review the most famous departure cities of the USA and compare the first class deals.

US Departure Cities Regular Price Possible discounted price
1. San Francisco

2. Chicago

3. Los Angeles

4. Washington D.C.

5. New York

6. Denver

7. Detroit

8. Atlanta

















Looking at the table above, you will see the difference between the regular and discounted price. All the values are average, because they depend on many factors. However, it is proved that the discounted first class ticket may cost 65% less of a regular price. Use the advices and services above and fly for a reduced price.

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