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10 Best Destinations to Visit in Portugal in 2021

1. Lisbon

Cheap first and business class flights to Lisbon

Lisbon, which was conquered by the Moors in 1147, is the oldest city in Western Europe. It is Portugal’s political capital, the government’s seat, and the residence of the country’s president.

Beyond its light, Lisbon boasts a rich historical heritage, both material and abstract. These factors set Lisbon apart from other European capitals and contribute to its enchantment. UNESCO has designated the Jeronimos Monastery, the Bel√©m Tower, Sintra’s Cultural Landscape, and Fado music as World Heritage Sites.

Lisbon’s breathtaking views are my favorite reason to visit.

Lisbon is built on seven hills, so it’s no surprise that there are a number of breathtaking vantage points and overlooks located throughout the city. Miradouro¬†So¬†Pedro¬†de¬†Alc√Ęntara¬†in¬†Principe¬†Real¬†or¬†Miradouro¬†de¬†Santa¬†Catarina¬†Lisbon¬†in¬†Chiado¬†are¬†the best viewpoints.

Sun-drenched Lisbon is well-known for having some of Europe’s best weather. Lisbon and Portugal as a whole enjoy a moderate climate compared to other European neighbors, even in the winter.

The sunniest city in Europe is Lisbon, where temperatures can soar during the peak summer months of July and September.

Visit the Tagus River south bank and enjoy a meal at Ponto Final with views of Lisbon’s red-tiled rooftops and 25 de Abril Bridge. Lisbon’s Cais do Sodr√© Railway Station (every 10 minutes, weekends every 20 minutes) provides a convenient ferry service to Cacilhas, which is located on the other side of the Tagus River.¬†

2. Porto

Portugal’s second city is not to be missed. Porto, like the capital, is situated along a major river and has a colorful, old townscape. In spite of its narrow medieval alleyways, steep slopes, and attractive buildings, Porto has a different vibe from Lisbon.

Porto is recognized as  European Cultural Capital, and its public transportation system is state-of-the-art. Take a tram instead of the subway or bus. It’s a lot more fun. You can also take a gondola across the river.

Porto is home to a variety of museums and galleries, ranging from a tram museum to world-class contemporary art. It’s likely that you can find a museum for anything you can think of. In fact, the club has its own museum. Museums are not for everyone, so don’t be discouraged. As well as the above, Porto offers a wide range of other activities to choose from.

Porto is also one of the most affordable cities in Portugal.

3. Coimbra

Coimbra, a famous city in Portugal’s Beiras region, sits on the banks of the River Mondego in regal splendor.

Coimbra, one of Portugal’s most popular cities has more visitors than all of the others combined. What is the cause? There are many Roman and Medieval ruins in Coimbra, which was once the capital of Portugal.

The University, one of the world’s oldest degree-granting institutions, is one of the most popular tourist attractions. However, Coimbra’s greatest claim to fame is its library, the Biblioteca Joanina, which has been named one of the world’s most beautiful libraries on a number of occasions.

4. Sintra

From a distance, it appears as if Sintra has been painted in a cartoon-like style, with its vibrantly colored walls, its bottle-green gardens, and its Disney-like crenelated castles.

This renowned jewel in the crown of the Sintra Hills can be found at the National Palace of Pena. While the palace itself is magical, the surrounding park evokes a sense of mystery and exploration.

Mysterious Sintra is filled with legends that surround its historical sites. Dolmens, prehistoric monuments, and a literary heritage make it a popular destination. Sintra was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its Romantic architecture from the 19th century.

Sintra is no exception, as it has its own traditional cuisine and pastries. Most famous are the Queijadas (round egg pastries with a special cheese filling) and the Travesseiros (made from puff pastry and almond filling), which are best eaten warm with a cup of espresso.

Spring or autumn are the best times to visit. A few areas can become very crowded during the summer months.

5. Lagos


It’s easy to see why Lagos is one of the best places to visit in Portugal. The city of Lagos offers a wide variety of things to do and see, making it easy to fill your days and lose track of time.

Hotels and villas are available to rent in the historical center. Due to its proximity to pleasant squares, beautiful statues, and churches, this area is a great place to stay. Walking down the narrow cobblestone streets will be a delight.

As you arrive in Lagos, you are greeted by the beautiful sight of the marina, which serves as a prelude to the city’s beauty. Lagos’ Marina is one of Portugal’s most beautiful marinas, thanks to its blue-shiny water. Villas and apartments are available for rent near the marina as well as hotels. In addition to the marina, many of the hotels and houses have ocean views from their rooms.

Many beautiful beaches are accessible from Lagos, including the city’s main beaches, as well as many others on the south and west coasts. Come to Lagos and you’ll be unable to avoid getting in the water and surfing!

6. Faro

Faro’s beaches and cultural landmarks are usually the best places to visit. Faro is a wonderful and captivating city, and I’ll show you why you shouldn’t overlook this Portuguese resort town. Visit beautiful squares, well-preserved medieval districts, various museums, and even a bone chapel on this tour with me.

The largest city in the Algarve region, around 275 km south of Lisbon, has a wealth of ancient architecture to explore. A similar opportunity is available to nature lovers, who can enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean while exploring and relaxing on unspoiled beaches.

Around 300 sunny days are enjoyed by residents and tourists in Faro every year, making it a popular coastal city in Portugal as well as a sunny destination in Europe. 

7. Setubal

Setbal’s image as a busy industrial port fades as soon as visitors begin exploring this vibrant and energetic city. Setbal’s affinity with the sea is immediately apparent. As seen from the castle perched high above the harbor, the vast Atlantic Ocean stretches into the distance.

A beautiful mountain range west of the city is home to hidden medieval chapels and mysterious strongholds, which are surrounded by emerald forests and a blanket of flowers. Over the bay, a chic resort serves as the entry point to a secluded peninsula ringed by golden beaches and shallow lagoons. The farm and fish here in the same way that the Romans did and village life is far removed from the city across the water.

8. Braga

In Braga, you’ll find an abundance of natural beauty and cultural treasures, as well as a blend of tradition and innovation, youth and memory, and creativity and conservatism.

Bom Jesus, the representative of the Minho region, has a history of over 2000 years and is one of Europe’s oldest Sacro-Montes. Braga is home to Portugal’s oldest cathedral and the Benedictine Monastery of Tibes (Mosteiro de Tibes).

Its origin in the Roman city of Bracara Augusta is another reason why Braga is so popular. Gardens, nature parks, and recreational areas are some of the city’s most well-known attractions. Monuments, museums, and churches in Braga bear witness to the city’s long history.

Braga is like a time machine that takes you back to modernity. Despite its wealth and grandeur, the old city and its traditional religiousness coexist with entrepreneurship and a youthful spirit in vital fields such as culture, commerce, gastronomy, industry, and services.

9. Evora

The Romans founded Evora, but it is thought to be considerably older! As a result, there are numerous ancient structures to be found within the old city walls.

The Roman temple ruins, also known as Diana’s Temple, are one of the most famous. In the city’s highest point, 14 columns remain. Due to preservation concerns, you will not be able to enter the temple complex.

The Cathedral of Evora is located directly across the street from the temple. The gothic cathedral, with its turrets and towers, looks more like a castle than a cathedral. However, the interior, which is filled with beautiful art, cloisters, and orange trees, is most impressive to visitors.

Because Evora is so picturesque, it would be easy to spend a few days wandering its streets and soaking up the atmosphere there. Every day is like summer thanks to the slow pace of life, the endless sunshine, and the beautiful flowers.

10. Aveiro

Beautiful Aveiro, in central Portugal, is surrounded by winding waterways and salty lagoons.

Aveiro, a city with a distinct identity, fascinates with its architectural legacy, maritime history, and abundance of natural treasures. With its opulent Art Nouveau architecture, flamboyant religious buildings, interesting museums, distinctive ceramic Aveiro tiles, and a maritime history dating back to the Middle Ages, it’s easy to see why Aveiro is a popular weekend getaway for many Portuguese residents.

In Aveiro, a moliceiro boat ride is one of the most popular activities. It’s the moliceiros, the colorful flatboats that are so famous in this city. Fishermen used to catch aquatic plants called moli√ßos to use as fertilizers in agriculture (hence the name moliceiro).

15 Best Airlines to Fly Business or First Class to Portugal

  1. American Airlines 

2. Air Canada 

3. Air France 

4. Royal Air Maroc

5. British Airways

6. Delta Air Lines

7. Aer Lingus 

8. Iberia

9. KLM 

10. Lufthansa 

11. Swiss

12. SATA Azores Airlines 

13. SAS 

14. TAP Air Portugal 

15. United Airlines

Benefits of Flying Business and First Class to Portugal

  • 1. Enhanced health and safety measures.
  • 2. Quick and easy pre-flight experiences.
  • 3. Speedy security clearance.
  • 4. Dedicated check-in desks.
  • 5. Priority boarding.
  • 6. Access to private lounges.
  • 7. In-flight entertainment options.
  • 8. A spacious seat, adaptable to your personal space.
  • 9. Advanced LED lighting.
  • 10. Delicious dine-on-demand cuisine.
  • 11. A luxurious selection of amenities.
  • 12. State-of-the-art communications system.
  • 13. Early arrival to the airport.
  • 14. Premium assistance to your departure, connection, or arrival.
  • 15. Last-minute schedule and ticket changes.
  • 16. Extra luggage allowance.

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