Cheap First & Business Class Flights to Taipei [2021]

Cheap First & Business Class Flights to Taipei [2021]

Taipei or Taipei City is the capital of Taiwan, which is officially recognized as the 23d province of China. Taipei City is one of the most iconic tourist destinations. It is the home of amazing sights, fascinating activities and events. Indeed, there are lots of things you can do in Taipei, from visiting numerous sights and shops to doing business in this bustling and colorful city.

Taipei attracts not only tourists, but businesspersons as well. Taiwan has one of the most impressive stories of economic success, this is why this country has a favourable environment for business development. The country’s economy is highly dependant on foreign investments and trade, this is why foreign businesspersons are always welcomed here.

First & Business Class Travel to Taipei from USA

Getting from the USA to Taipei has never been easier, as there are lots of airline companies carrying passenger to this city.

Top 3 Airlines Providing Direct Business Flights to Taipei

  1. Eva Air
  2. China Airlines
  3. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Connecting flights are provided by a bunch of reliable carriers. A flight from the USA to Taipei takes not less than seven hours. Undoubtedly, such long-haul flight is tiresome, unless you choose a business class flight. Though first class tickets are less expensive, only premium class flights can offer the level of comfort passengers should have during long-haul flights. Wonder what other advantages, except the extended leg-room, you will get? Believe it or not, but the advantages you will get are worth the money you will pay.

7 Advantages of Business Class Flights to Taipei

  1. Larger leg-room or seat pitch.
  2. Wider seats  – about 2-3 inches wider compared to first class seats.
  3. Comfortable seats that you can recline up to 180 degrees. Some planes are equipped with flat-bed seats. When reclined, these seats create a fully flat bed.
  4. Restaurant-style meals
  5. A huge assortment of free beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic
  6. Power ports for electronic gadgets
  7. Personal multimedia entertainment systems

Undoubtedly, all these conveniences will make your flight comfortable and pleasant. A plane will transfer you to Taipei in less than no time. This means, you can forget about tiresome, head and back ache and consequently about the impaired mood. Your business meeting will not spoiled by the headache or bad mood.

If you want to travel in comfort and style, you should look for cheap business class flights to Taipei. Yes, premium class seats can be cheap! Even budget-savvy travelers can avail the comfort of  premium class flight. All you need to do to enjoy a cheap flight is to invest time in a little investigation. The number of airline companies offering affordable deals on business class flights to Taipei has significantly increased in recent years. Whether you prefer direct or connecting flights (which are usually cheaper), you have great chances to find airfares to Taipei that meet your budget.

Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

This international airport exceeded any traveller expectations. Taiwan Taoyuan Airport airport is clean and well-designed. The airport is visibly well-dated, there’s a great underground dining, and connection to the train station areas. 

The departure and arrival procedures are straightforward. Upon arrival, immigration, baggage retrieval and customs, business travellers feel  an absolute ease of service and comfort, while security and immigration are very efficient, friendly, courteous and helpful

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