Exclusive Offers: Cheap Business Class to Singapore

Singapore is a desired destination for tourists and an important business hub, so no wonder that trips to Singapore are on the to-do list for many travelers. Its location in Southeast Asia makes flying the most efficient way to get there, but, as always, there is a big ‘but.’ 

Plane trips from some destinations will last a couple of hours, so economy class is a totally acceptable mode of getting there. But to get to Changi Airport, Singapore, from other destinations, like New York or Los Angeles, you’ll have to travel for 18 hours or more, depending on the route. 

You may take a sparing trip with stopovers and rest on solid ground before the next leg of the flight. Or you can take the record-breaking non-stop commercial flight offered by Singapore Airlines. You’ll have to cover a whopping 10,400 miles and spend a day and a night in the sky. No matter the non-stop or stop-over trip, the economy won’t do because you’ll land at your ultimate destination exhausted beyond imaginable. Business class or first class is the most viable option, despite the cost.

The flights that fall in between in duration also will last quite long, requiring you to get as comfy as possible while in the sky. So what we want to tell you is the following: traveling to Singapore means you have to hunt for affordable business class seats for the sake of your body and your sanity. And in this article, we will explore reliable ways to find a really cheap business class to Singapore and how to organize your search to find the best ones.

Why Look For Cheap Business Class To Singapore And What Do You Get?

When it comes to long-haul flights, the primary concern is physical comfort and the opportunity to rest while onboard. However, wide and lie-flat seats are not the sole advantage of business class tickets.


As said, the comfort of seating and lying is essential on long-haul flights, and business class offers this opportunity. The majority of companies that offer flights to Singapore have lie-flat seats for sleeping and comfortably separated pods for business class passengers who are in the air for many hours. Singapore Airlines offer recliner-style seats in business class on its 737-800 aircrafts that perform short regional flights to Singapore. For longer flights, you can expect maximum comfort in the sky from them as well.


Eating well on a long trip is also important. Traditionally, in business class, you can expect to find top-class international food offered for dinner or lunch, plus destination-specific cuisine. Book the Cook has become a popular service across airlines, which means that you can order an excellent meal to have on the plane in advance, like in a good restaurant. We personally recommend trying the best samples of Asian food in business class, and classic Singaporean dishes in particular. Then you’ll know what to look for in the local restaurants immediately after landing.


You get the most from stewards while in business class, plus you have more room for luggage and other nice perks. 

Lounges Access

With your business class tickets, you get access to some of the best lounges in most airports while you wait for boarding. Upon arrival in Singapore, you can also ask for an exclusive car transfer to a hotel, making your experience truly majestic. 

Departure and arrival experience

The business class allows you to skip long lines, waiting at every step of boarding or getting off board, slow check-in, and cumbersome security procedures. Everything is streamlined and speedy for you, and the precious mark ‘Priority’ on your boarding pass opens all doors and clears every way, whether in the airport or on the plane. It’s pure magic worth trying.  

The Price Brackets For Business Class Tickets To Singapore

It depends, of course, but the lower brackets are usually close to $5,000 for a round trip. It means that the average one-way trip will cost around $2,500, but there’s a trick companies play. To lure travelers to book two flights at once with the same company, they make a round trip cost less than two separate trips bought separately would cost. So in reality, a one-way business class flight to Singapore may cost around $3,000. 

That’s if we talk average. The most convenient flights and routes with lots of perks may cost very high, up to $10,000 or $13,000 per business class round trip. 

So how to say it’s a bargain offer? When the price hovers around $1,700 for one-way or $2,300 or $2,400 for a round trip in business class, it’s a hit. You’ve struck a goldmine. And it’s hunting for this discounted business class to Singapore that we will teach you in this article. 

What Affects Prices for Cheap Business Class Flights to Singapore

Finding a good deal on a business class ticket is quite tricky but possible. There are conditions that may seriously impact the costs, but a big difference in money can mean a big difference in the circumstances and comfort of your trip. 

Departure point

Traveling for 3 or 5 hours is different from traveling for 24 hours, if we put it bluntly. If you travel with stopovers, the trip may take even 30 hours or more (with a break between the flights). And the duration of the flight directly depends on where you are flying from. The longer the distance, the higher the price. 

The longest trips start in the USA and cost the most. Trips from European destinations will cost a bit less. Trips from relatively neighboring Asian regions will be the shortest and cost more affordably.  

Time of flying

There are months when demand for flights is lower, and so costs for business class go down. Then there are times when the planes are packed and correspondingly, costs go up. According to reports from weathered travelers, the highest price for business class to Singapore is observed in March, and the lowest in September. So if possible, plan your trip around this information.


Routes to Singapore can also differ greatly, taking you to European capitals or legendary Asian destinations along the way. Non-stop flights tend to be the most expensive because of the time economy and factors affecting the non-stop plane operation for many hours. Flights with stopovers tend to be more affordable. So if you can dedicate some time to staying in a new interesting in-between destination, go for it.


The bigger the company brand, the higher the price for its business class. United Airlines, British Airways, and American Airlines will likely charge more for the brand name alone, but there’s a caveat. Big brands are also likely to offer cheap business class tickets to Singapore with literally crazy discounts closer to departure dates if they have expensive seats that haven’t sold out. So while browsing through airlines that don’t flaunt their brand that much, always have a look at what the big-name companies have to offer.

Conditions of booking

If you book early, you’ll pay less than you would pay if you buy a ticket two weeks before the flight. Yet there are conditions as well: if you try to book too early, like 3 months before the flight, the price difference is going to be disappointing. If you book 2 months in advance, the advantage will be on your side.

One-way or round trip

Traditionally, a two-way ticket will cost much less than a one-way ticket. So plan the trip in advance so that you are able to buy a round trip and be confident about the booked dates.

Where to Start: Researching and Comparing Airlines

Actually, quite a few airlines are now offering business class trips to Singapore due to the growing popularity of this route with tourists. So you can pick and choose among big brand names and more democratic companies while planning your trip. 

On the one hand, American Airlines, British Airways, or Emirates are synonyms for luxury and top-class service. But their pricing will always include a hidden premium for flying under their brand. On the other hand, some less glitzy airlines like China Eastern, Fiji Airways, or Alaska Airlines offer a comparable package of benefits and comfort (they sell business class tickets, after all). Yet due to the relative obscurity of their branding, they may charge less. 

One more thing to consider is that Asian-based airlines may offer a wealth of regional stopover routes that cost less and allow you to see hidden gems of Asian cities and landscapes on your way to the main destination. That’s why don’t skip Cheap business class flights to Singapore if the airline name sounds unfamiliar to you. Do a bit of basic research and grab a business-class deal when available.

Mix and Match: Flexibility and Alternative Routes

When planning a trip to Singapore, remember that a non-stop trip is a challenge in itself due to its duration and the time you spend on the plane. That’s why you may consider booking a trip consisting of two legs right from the start. In such a way, you’ll spend on the plane two separate and relatively tolerable stretches of time, like 10 hours and 10 hours plus in-between waiting time on the ground. You can use the flying time for resting and the waiting time for exploring. 

But the main perk is that such trips tend to have a lower price due to the longer duration of the trip. For some travelers, this delay is unacceptable, but for you, it may be a nice addition to your touristic adventure – and a way to save some money.

One more trick is to research if the flight to Singapore from the airport closest to you costs more than the flight from an airport located in another city. The train trip or a car trip there can reduce your business class ticket costs quite significantly. 

Do an Inventory: Loyalty Programs and Miles

As with all other flights and destinations, trips to Singapore can be paid for with points and miles. Never miss an opportunity to gain additional miles or points to add to your account. Then you can get them redeemed with a desired business class flight. 

Yes, many travelers report that recently, the mileage for booking a flight has soared. Yet there are discounts and sales in the trips-for-miles segment as well. 

The mileage needed for redemption on Singapore routes differs depending on the departure point.

  • To fly from New York (JFK) with one stop in Frankfurt, you have to redeem 111,500 KrisFlyer miles (KrisFlyer is a feature of Singapore Airlines if you wonder what it is).
  • A non-stop trip from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Singapore will cost 107,000 miles. 
  • Traveling from Europe will cost less, like 103,500 miles from Zurich. 
  • When you see very lucrative offers, double-check departure points first. It is most probably the 68,500-redemption-miles flight from Australia (Sydney, for that matter) or the 34,000-redemption-miles trip from Hong Kong. If you are traveling from Australia or Hong Kong, go and grab the deal, then. 

Sometimes, the stopover trip can be made through two separate airlines. If you try to book this kind of journey, mind that different airlines have different requirements for redemption, and mileage numbers can increase along the way without any obvious reason. That’s the company’s policy, and you should check the mileage in their redemption charts. 

The Best Airlines to Fly in Business Class to Singapore

Every company that has business class seats offers some unique additions to the general package of services. The general rule for business class is the comfort of seats, a chance to lie flat during the flight, and get some really good food. What comes on top of that defines if the company is seen as a luxury carrier or a more laid-back service provider. 

  • American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Emirates are the true epitomes of prestige and luxury, it goes without saying. However, it means that their prices may be higher in comparison with other companies. So snatching a deal from them is a true miracle. 
  • However, United Airlines and Delta come close in this comparison. They are high-ranking companies overall and their long-haul trips are praised by travelers.
  • Also pay attention to Singapore Airlines, native to your destination. Although they may not be as renowned as Emirates or AA, they try to win more travelers and keep their services and standards very high. Recently they’ve made an overhaul of their fleet giving even more polish to their business class. We are not promoting any specific company here, just pointing you to the carrier that can deliver high-class services at a more affordable price (or with special offers and discounts on flights to Singapore, for that matter).
  • Qantas Airways is an Australian company that consistently gets positive reviews from passengers. Just check in advance the locations from which they fly to Singapore, whether it’s Australia or the whole world.
  • If you see other company names, like Fiji Airways or Air New Zealand, don’t skip them. Read what people say about their business class and if reviews are OK, book safely. Less-known company names mean that you can find a cheap business class to Singapore for the dates of your trip.

10 Booking Strategies that Really Help To Find Cheap Business Class Flights To Singapore

Now let’s put it all together for you to build a consistent hunting strategy. 

  1. Mix and match your departure points. Yes, you are flying to Changi, Singapore, but the departure points may be various even within a single country or region. If you can travel cheaply to another airport to catch a flight, why not take this chance?
  2. Don’t get stuck on a specific date (if that’s a leisure trip). It’s one of the essential steps to take in your search. If there is such an option, use the filter ‘Cheapest’ for business class and see what dates are a real bargain. There is a high season (March) and a low season (September) for Singapore, so try searching around the less expensive month. 
  3. Explore various airlines and their pricing. As said, airlines with a global reputation of coolness may charge money for the prestige of flying with them. Companies whose names you don’t hear every day may charge less. But it does not mean their services are worse. 
  4. Always consider trips with stopovers. Most trips offered to Singapore usually have one or even two stops. Some may be more expensive and some may be cheaper. So never dismiss this opportunity and don’t limit yourself to non-stop (or one-stop) trips in your search.
  5. Look if you could use your frequent flier miles to pay for the trip. Flights can be purchased for miles to any destination, and Singapore is no exception. Add all the miles you have, see if they are accepted by a company you want, and book a cheap business class to Singapore.
  6. See if your credit card offers any perks related to flight booking discountsConsider if you can fly to some other Asian country for a cheaper price and then take a flight to Singapore from there. Getting to some destinations in Asia, even in business class, may be cheaper if they are not popular touristic routes. Check if there are local flights from these destinations to Singapore and plan a custom stopover trip that won’t break the bank.
  7. Never miss a chance to buy flying points or miles if there is a discounted offer. Yes, you can buy flying miles or get them as a reward for performing some other step (like getting a card issued or endorsed by an airline). If the step is not too cumbersome for you, do it and get the miles that can help you buy a business class seat without paying in hard-earned cash.
  8. Use only trusted and efficient bargain flight search engines. When you try to use flight aggregators, use only reliable ones to avoid scamming or disappointment. CheapFirstClass.com is one of the safest and most efficient flight searchers you can ask for. So don’t miss this opportunity. 
  9. Ask for a possible upgrade at the airport. Always. This tip is obvious but many people just get too shy to ask this question. No need to be pushy or rude, just inquire at the check-in if there is a chance to get an upgrade for your economy or premium economy seat (usually for a small fee). It may be your lucky day.

Experience-Based Tips on How to Score a Cheap Business Class Travel to Singapore

In addition to everything we listed, we’d like to give you some more experience-based tips on searching for bargains that can really help you.

  • Think in advance if you may want to book a stopover trip as a primary option. Then start searching in this direction.
  • Research carefully all amenities (or their lack) offered in a specific business class package of a given company when you plan this very long trip. Some deals may prove to be a trap, and some may be a bounty.
  • Subscribe to deal aggregators and monitor the offers of cheap business class to Singapore regularly.
  • Get a credit card endorsed or issued by a big airline and receive a good deal of points as a bonus.
  • Don’t decline to get emails from companies that perform flights to Singapore. In such a way, you can stumble upon a once-in-a-lifetime offer designed for the company’s registered users. 

CheapFirstClass.com — The Best & Really Cheap Business Class Deals To Singapore.

When all is said, it’s time you actually start searching. And to facilitate your task, we suggest that you try CheapFirstClass.com as a first destination to look for business class deals. It is based in the USA, has won the approval of many users, and is discreet and powerful, just like an excellent flight search engine should be. The service nails the task and delivers fresh seat offers at amazing prices right to your screen. All you have to do is save the dates and book the tickets. 

Flying to Singapore is an experience that should be taken with plenty of comfort on the route, and business class is the best solution. CheapFirstClass.com will find you the desired deal in no time at all. Just let it do it for you.


Finding a good deal on business class to Singapore may seem like an unachievable task, but we did our best to show you the way out. With certain patience and the right strategies, you’ll spot the desired flight and will get it at a reasonable price. Apply the knowledge we shared, don’t skip stopover trips and research different companies, and use the miles you have wisely. That’s the key to success, and we are sure that you will apply it in your search with the desired result. 

Just follow the paths we showed, use a reliable flight consolidator like CheapFirstClass.com and you are good to go.