Cheap Best Business Class Airlines to Fly to Italy [2023]

Flying is, undoubtedly, one of the most comfortable and safest ways to travel. Moreover, this is the quickest way to get from one point to another. And today, there are a lot of companies that can offer you to fly to the most popular countries – and Italy is among them.
If you are anxious about the comfort and the price of the flight, be patient. We’ve prepared the best business class airline review which proves that flying with comfort at an affordable price is quite real. The only thing you have to do is make your choice.

Why Should You Visit Italy?

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Italy is the land of Ancient Rome, so its architecture and traditions are something you can feel at every corner.
Italy is one of those countries that are worth visiting at least once in your life. And world-class resorts aren’t the only reason to spend a week there. You can go to Italy at any time of the year. There is always something to see and do.
So, the first reason is shopping. A day full of shopping is the ultimate dream of every woman.
Visiting the historical sights of this country will bring you a lot of positive emotions. Rome, Milan, Florence, Arezzo are known to be the most popular cities where millions of tourists gather annually. There, you will find gorgeous architectural sights and historical monuments.
Italy is a country of art. Such famous artists like Giotto, Altichiero, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Titian or Raphael, lived and worked there – and you can check out their masterpieces yourself.

Routes to Italy

6 Best Airlines To Fly Business Class to Italy [2021]

As we’ve mentioned above, Italy is quite popular among tourists. Thus, airlines offer flights to the Italian coast of the Mediterranean sea from almost every major European city.
We strongly recommend you to check the official website of the airline(s) you’ve chosen to be sure that your local airport is ready to deliver you to Italy with a direct flight.
However, you can rest assured that there are flights from all the European countries, the US and Australia.
As for the planes, Airbus A330 and Boeing 737 are the types that serve flights all around Europe. So, you will most probably fly in one of these planes.

What Is the Best Airline to Fly Business Class to Italy?

Looking for the best business class to Italy may be tough. Sometimes surfing the Internet and checking every web page offering a flight gets too boring. At first glance, every company talks about the same: this airline is number one, your flight will be comfortable, and so on.
However, there are some differences that you should take into account when choosing your best option. To help you out, we’ve gathered all the necessary information about the five best business class airlines to Europe.

1. Turkish Airlines

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Turkish Airlines is an Istanbul-based airline providing its services in about 120 countries around the world – and this is, reportedly, the biggest figure among other companies.
Its status of a world-renowned airline is proven by the fact that such football clubs as Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, and AS Roma have chosen it as their official carrier. Besides, a lot of famous athletes agreed with Turkish Airlines to represent this brand around the globe.
Three years in a row, in 2011, 2012, and 2013, Turkish Airlines received the Skytrax awards in the following nominations:

  • Best Airline in Europe;
  • Best Airline in Southern Europe;
  • Best Economy Class Airline in the world.

Turkish Airlines promises that your waiting for the flight won’t be boring – you can enjoy your spare time in the Lounge Istanbul. It is more than just a waiting room for Business class passengers. While waiting for your flight, you can get a massage, taste dishes awarded with Skytrax in the nomination “Best Nutrition in the Business Class Salon”, or take advantage of extensive entertainment opportunities such as a cinema, video games, media screens, a golf simulator, a children’s room.

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You can also earn miles on Turkish Airlines and other Star Alliance airlines.
The advantages of the Turkish Airlines’ flights are:

  • world-wide recognition;
  • award-winning facilities;
  • Miles&Smiles program.

2. Lufthansa

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Lufthansa is a German airline striving to be the best first class airline. In order to get to your destination with the maximum comfort, Lufthansa offers you support during the booking, registration and staying on board.
You can use the Lufthansa mobile app and book the best ticket deals on your smartphone or tablet. Checking in for the flight online via an application or computer allows you to avoid long queues.
Thanks to FlyNet Wi-Fi on board, passengers can connect to the Internet using a laptop, tablet or smartphone and stay online high above the clouds.
You’ll be able to taste excellent food, snacks, free soft and alcoholic beverages, as well as purchase goods without duties right on board.
Even after flying to the other end of the world with Lufthansa, you will arrive at your destination well-rested and ready for business and unforgettable adventures.
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Lufthansa’s main advantages are:

  • support during the registration and the flight;
  • the Lufthansa mobile app;
  • a variety of entertainments on board.

3. Air France

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Launched in 1933, this Air France is famous for its cheap business class flights to Italy. Before the merger with KLM, it was the leading national airline of France.
Its main feature is Business Flex. Thanks to this service, you will receive a ticket that you can return or change for free before or after the departure of the flight. If the price of a new ticket is higher, the fare is adjusted without additional charges. On the day of the departure, you can fly earlier or later than planned, subject to availability and with no additional charges.
As for the SkyPriority, at every stage of your trip, you will be served in priority order. While at the airport, follow the SkyPriority signs and enjoy the benefits and priority access designed explicitly for you.

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As for the comfort on the board, Air France is known to have the best business class seats located in a separate cabin in the front of the plane. It means that you can be among the first passengers to board the aircraft and leave it. The place near you remains free to provide you with comfort and peace
Here’s a quick summary of Air France’s advantages:

  • Business Flex to be confident about your money spent;
  • SkyPriority before and during the flight;
  • comfortable front seats.

4. ANA, All Nippon Airways

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ANA, All Nippon Airways is based in Tokyo is the best Asian company offering luxury airlines to Italy. Besides, it is the second biggest airline in Japan.
ANA operates international flights to and from China, Korea, Southeast Asia, the United States, and Western Europe.
The airline’s Relaxation Lounge is pretty awesome. With its comfortable seats and cozy atmosphere, you should be warned that it is easy enough to fall asleep and miss your flight.
Dining at their airports is another example of luxury. The professional expertise of master chefs and beverage specialists accompanied with vast knowledge in entertaining your palate will make your stay at the lounge unforgettable.
Moreover, exceptional Japanese staff will even cover you with a warm blanket in case you finally fell asleep.

Review of Best Business Class Airlines to Italy 10
ANA’s main advantages are:

  • flights to and from China, Korea, Southeast Asia, the United States, and Western Europe;
  • the perfectly balanced atmosphere of Relaxation Lounge;
  • careful staff.

5. Qatar Airways

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Qatar Airways is your last option on our business class airline to Italy review. All of its 150 destinations are international. Qatar Airways is among the seven best airlines to have a five-star recognition from Skytrax.
The salons of all classes of Qatar Airways’ planes are equipped with personal screens located on the backs of the front seats. Moreover, you can use the digital satellite television service. So, you can enjoy watching your favourite European and Arab TV channels.
All long-haul airplanes are equipped with personal in-flight entertainment systems that include:

  • on-demand video;
  • television programs;
  • music channels;
  • games;
  • an interactive flight map;
  • a personal telephone.

The airline plans to install new passenger seats for business class that fold entirely into the bed position. Over time, these seats will be introduced on all Qatar Airways planes.
Business class passengers are offered the convenience of chairs that fold into a 160-degree bed position and are equipped with a lumbar support system, foot massage, and a personal bar.

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Here’s a quick summary of Qatar Airways’ advantages:

  • five-star airline status = five-star comfort;
  • personal screens located on the backs of the front seats;
  • seats folding into a 160-degree bed position.

6. Flying to Italy: a Quick Airlines’ Comparison

Five best airlines offer unforgettable flights to Italy. Each one has its pros and cons. If you are still uncertain which airline you should choose, take a look at our comparison table below. We’ve gathered information on the seats, comfort, amenities, menu, and entertainment offered by each airline on our list.

seats comfort amenities menu entertainment, additional services
Turkish Airlines 30-50 5* personal power supply, a movable reading light, and a folding table the best dishes of Turkish and world cuisine served on stylish chinaware Lounge Istanbul: cinema, video games, media screens, a golf simulator, a children’s room
Lufthansa 32-49 5* Lufthansa mobile app, FlyNet Wi-Fi excellent food, snacks, free soft and alcoholic beverages personal on-demand entertainment systems
Air France 27-40 5* a satellite telephone, SMS and e-mail services regional dishes Business Flex, SkyPriority
ANA 30-40 5* personal screens with audio and video on demand, a satellite telephone, SMS and e-mail services a three-course meal Relaxation Lounge
Qatar Airways 27-39 5* on-demand video,

television programs,

music channels,


an interactive flight map,

a personal telephone, seats with a 160-degree bed position

a three-course meal movies, TV, music, games, and language courses


Hopefully, now you have the answer to the ”What is the best airline to fly to Italy?” question, and you are ready to make a choice. However, keep in mind that the trip of your dream should be well-organized, so you don’t rush into making quick decisions just yet.
Take a thorough look at our review once again and share it with your friends and relatives. Italy prefers upbeat tourists, so consider traveling with ones who make you laugh.