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review of American Airlines Business Class Boing 777

Nowadays, there are many various airlines. However, American Airlines is one of the best among others. You may have heard a lot about it. Almost all people who fly with this airline usually leave positive feedback. This company guarantees the best service and conditions for all people. You can enjoy amazing window views, talk to your friend, watch the video, play games, or just fall asleep. But still, what is it popular for? And why is it better to fly with American Airlines? So, in this article, we are going to look through the American Airlines Business Class 777 flight review.

Actually, to travel somewhere by airplane is the fastest way to get anywhere you need. But still, it is a rather expensive way to go somewhere. You may have heard many different airlines. All of them have the lists of advantages and disadvantages. However, some of them are too expensive. But still, each airline has some promotions, discounts, sales, special propositions, etc. In fact, American Airlines is one of the best airlines in the whole world. What makes it better among others? And why is it better to fly with American Airlines business class?

Booking a ticket for American Airlines Business Class

We live in the world of new technologies and in the era of the Internet. It means that you can avoid overcrowded airports and book tickets online. Moreover, American Airlines often have special propositions and discounts for its customers. Also, there can be various sales. Nowadays, there are many different online websites, where you can choose the flight you need and book a ticket. By the way, you can even upgrade to business class. Just follow the link for the additional information

The Lounge of American Airlines Business Class

Actually, if you fly with American Airlines business class, you will have access to the brand new Flagship Lounge. In fact, American Airlines has one of the best lounges among other airlines. Basically, it is one of the main advantages of this airline. It is rather cozy, spacious, and comfortable. Also, it is very beautiful and comprises many sitting areas. So, you will have no need to search for the place, where you can spend a time before the flight. Even if there are many other passengers, you will always find a free seat for you. By the way, there is a special breakfast option, where you can choose what you want from the available variants.

American Airlines Business Class

The Cabin of American Airlines Business Class Boing 777

When you walk from the lounge you will get the departing gate, and there you will board the cabin. Speaking about the cabin of American Airlines business class, it has a 1-2-1 configuration, with reverse-facing seats alternating row-by-row with forward-facing seats. There is a high wall, which separates the seats. It is a great sense of privacy.

Seats on American Airlines Business Class 777

Speaking about the seats of the American Airlines business class, they are rather large, spacious, and comfortable. Of course, all people are different and may have different reasons to travel anywhere. Some are flying due to the work tasks; others travel to visit friends and relatives, and some people are flying with family or friends on vacations. In any way, American Airlines business class suites to all people.

For example, if you prefer to travel alone, you can book a single ticket. Be sure, you will not be interrupted by other passengers, etc. During the flight, you can fall asleep, watch amazing window views, or just try various entertainments. As for those who prefer to travel with somebody, there are double seats. They are also comfortable and cozy. By the way, you can spend the time during the flight in a different way. You can also fall asleep, try various entertainments, etc. Nevertheless, if you want to speak to each other, you can move your seats and set them in front of each other. In such a way, you will communicate with each other during the flight.

Each seat in American Airlines business class cabin is made of high-quality materials. They are rather spacious and compact at the same time. You can put your shoes in the special case under the seat. Actually, there are plenty of useful storage compartments. Also, the entire seat moves forward, so, you can use the footrest to place your feet there (however, there is much space for your legs). As all the seats were designed for a long-haul travel, all the controls are well placed and easy to use. There is a compact table, which you can take and use when you need to.

Basically, if you prefer to fall asleep during the flight, you can simply transform your seat into the comfortable and cozy bed. The seat was designed to be comfortable for both variants, for sleeping and sitting. Above the head of the seat is a relatively deep storage area, which can be used to keep your sleeping accouterments, when you do not need them.

In-flight Meals

In general, there is a wide diversity of foods and drinks on the American Airlines business class. Just before the take-off, a flight attendant stopped by with a tray of pre-departure beverages, offering a choice of orange juice, Champagne or water. As for the menu of American Airlines business class, you can choose prawns, chicken, beef, cheese for the main plates, and ice cream, cheesecake, mousse cake or cheese plate for the dessert. Also, you can order some salad.

All the portions are normal sized and all the foods taste delicious. You can be sure that meals on American Airlines business class are always fresh. Moreover, you may have some snacks and drinks during the flight. You just need to go to the galley and choose what you want. In any way, the cuisine is fantastic. By the way, after a half before landing, you will be proposed an additional light meal. It can be a southwest salad or turkey sliders, which are also taste delicious.

In-flight Entertainments

In fact, all of us are different and have absolutely different tastes. Some of us prefer to watch amazing window views, while others prefer to fall asleep during the flight. However, there is another type of people who prefer to spend the flight with in-flight entertainments.

If you choose to fly with American Airlines business class, you will have a wide diversity of in-flight entertainments. Each seat features a personal IFE system with a 15 inches screen that folds out and locks into place so it’s directly viewable from the seat. You can watch movies, video, TV shows, listen to music, play various video games, and much more. There are about 275 movies in the system, many of them first-run films that had just recently left the theaters, but with plenty of other classics mixed in as well.

Moreover, if you fly with American Airlines business class, you will be able to use Bose headphones with the in-flight entertainment system. In general, the noise-cancellation system is really good. Even without any actual sound playing from the in-flight entertainment system, if you put them over your ears and turn them on, the sound of the plane will practically disappear.


Actually, if you fly with American Airlines business class, you will have access to Wi-Fi. Also, you can control the flight with the help of special navigation program, as the map will appear on your screen.


An amenity kit is very important, especially when you forgot to take your personal things. American Airlines business class amenity kit usually includes dental supplies, mouthwash, C.O. Bigelow lotion and lip balm, tissues, socks, covers for your Bose headphones, a pen and an eye mask.


Speaking about the service on American Airlines business class, it is on the highest level. The service is timely and the attendants are all pleasant. When you need a help, you can just ask for it. In any way, American Airlines can provide you with the best service.

Well, as far as you can see, if you choose to fly with American Airlines business class, you will be pleased with the service, seats, foods, and in-flight entertainments. In fact, everything will be on the highest level. Of course, you can just fall asleep during the flight or watch amazing window views. In any way, your trip will be as comfortable as possible.

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