Cheap Business Class Flight to Korea from USA in 2023

Cheap Business Class Flight to Korea from USA in 2021

Looking for the best business class airlines to Korea from the USA? Want to save money and fly with comfort? Good for you. There are many airlines that offer their service to you, but we have chosen the best of the best for you to save your time when making a research. Are you interested?
But before that let’s figure out what the best business class airline include. Come on!

1. Seats

One of the most important things aboard are the seats. The best business class airlines from the USA to Korea offer reclinable flat-bed seats. It’s not only the most comfortable seat included in the price of your ticket but also the possibility to plug in, use Wi-Fi, etc. In some carriers, there is a space for legs as well for even more comfort during the flight.

2. Cuisine

Of course, the quality of dining matters too. Most of the best business class airlines from the USA to Korea cooperate with chefs from the best restaurants to provide its clients with the freshest food and drinks, and also the widest food choice. All are perfectly made to impress passengers.

3. Extra features

What else does your soul want? Sometimes the seats and dining are not enough for some passengers to enjoy the flight. Therefore, some of the best airlines to fly from the USA to Korea decided to provide them with extra features like in-flight entertainment, pajamas, midnight snacks, doctors, and more.

Want to know more about the evaluation criteria?

The main criteria when figuring out the best business class flights to Korea from the USA were onboard service, food and drinks quality, dining service, seat quality, selection of meals, cabin WiFi & connectivity,  airport staff efficiency, service friendliness/hospitality.
So what are the top 5 best business class airlines to Korea from the USA?

1. American Airlines Business Class To Korea.

American Airlines Business Class To Korea

This is a carrier, that is extremely widespread in comparison with other airlines.
– The seats are comfortable, there is extra space for a legroom. Besides, you will enjoy the seats there because there are complimentary pillows and blankets.
– You are able to pair your meal with award-winning wines. The quality of food is just excellent.
– The in-flight entertainment is absolutely free of charge, with wireless streaming and seatback available. If you fly with AAdvantage® / oneworld® status, you can get extra bag allowances, mileage bonuses, lounge access, and even more.
Summary: All in all, American Airlines are perfect for those who like to combine work and relaxation during the flight.

2. United Airlines Business Class Flights To Korea.

United Airlines Business Class Flights To Korea

United airline is such an airline where you will enjoy everything from check-in to baggage claim.
– The seats are extra-spacious, new, designed for convenience and comfort. So that you can either work or relax during the flight. The seats are beautifully contoured two-tone made of leather. Besides, there is a six-way adjustable headset rest.
– The airlines are in partnership with the Trotter Project, the team of renowned chefs to provide its passengers with the best food and beverages. During the flight, you may receive premium snacks, refreshments, fresh fruit, and a full meal service with various entree choices.
– Being a United passenger, you may enjoy audio entertainment, including pop relaxation mixes, music stations, and “from the flight deck” feature. The headsets are available during the flight too.

Summary: United Airlines is one of the best carriers because of its innovations in service.

3. Korean Air.

Korean Air business class

Korean Air is such a joy to fly, especially if your seats are near the window.
-The seats are rather narrow, but with loads of privacy. In general, they are considered to be comfortable by the vast majority of passengers.
– Being aboard at Korean Air, you will become a fan of the food and beverages there. What is more, the service is hilarious: you will immediately get everything you order in a couple of minutes.
– The entertainment system is claimed to be rather disappointing. The headphones are not impressive as well.

Summary: The Korean Air is a good airline, however, its system of in-flight entertainment should be renowned.

4. Asiana Airlines Business Class To Korea.

Asiana Airlines is perfect for couples thanks to its seat configuration.
– The color of the fabric is not modern, however, the cabin is clean. The seat itself is 20 inches width. There is also an elbow room, foldable armrest, and aisle access. The cocktail table helps to enhance the level of privacy.
– There is a Korean food on the menu. A glass of champagne is the first thing you get once you take your seat. The quality and design of food are rather good.
– The Asiana Airlines do not provide the amenity kits to the passengers who fly from Los Angeles or San Francisco. However, the slippers will be provided upon the arrival.

Summary: According to airlines to Korea from the USA reviews, Asiana carrier is great for just married couples who are not really demanding, but the others may enjoy it as well.

5. JetBlue Airways.

JetBlue Airways has one of the friendliest team aboard.
– The seat is excellent, with a soft blanket and a big pillow. The touch-operated seat controls are responsive. However, the massage function is rather undeveloped.
– The drink is offered once you are aboard. It may be either alcohol or a virgin one. What is more, the food is fantastic, and JetBlue is well-known for its best domestic in-flight meals.
– The carrier offers an amenity kit that is made by Hayward and Hopper, which both contain the same items such as eye mask, socks, body lotion, a dental kit, lip balm, a towelette, ear plugs, mints, and also a unique screen cloth.
Summary: JetBlue is ideal for gourmets because of its finest quality of dining.


All in all, the reviews of business class airlines to Korea from the USA might drop you a hint and open up your eyes when you will be making up your mind which carrier to choose. Nevertheless, try to concentrate on positive things, and never let negativism destroy your life. Meaning, even if there are some drawbacks found when you are aboard, try to find the advantages. Wish you to make your best choice. Have a great flight time!

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