Cathay Pacific First Class Flights in 2023

Cathay Pacific First Class Flights in 2021

Traveling in elite conditions is a prerogative of a small group of the population. It is an accustomed thing that the bulk of people opt for coach and the people of higher status choose a more advanced product. Nevertheless, some companies also appreciate the needs of most demanding customers who esteem luxury in the sky.

The present article is dedicated to Cathay Pacific first class review. This Hong Kong air company will be represented by its Boeing’s flagship offering four cabin classes. Nevertheless, we will pinpoint our attention upon the best option.


Any air travel begins with the registration procedure namely check-in. So does the present review of Cathay Pacific first class 777.  Elite customers are released from the necessity to stand in a queue and are provided with privileged check-in opportunity. This procedure is accomplished in a moment. After that, the welcoming staff invites you to the reign of comfort and relaxation – top class lounge area. If you have enough time, shower and massage are worth your attention. Depending on the airport location, some lounges are equipped with personal suites where the privileged passengers can have a nap in the real bed. Such features as a wide selection of food and beverages, as well as available working areas, do not even deserve to be mentioned since any top class customer considers them as a regular state of affairs. So, let’s get inside Cathay Pacific first class Boeing 777 300er to experience what benefits are available in the air.

Cabin Configuration and Seats

Some of you might have had a fly experience in the old-fashioned Cathay Pacific first class 777-300er fitted with the 2-2 seat arrangement. Fortunately, the air company does not offer this unworthy solution but allures its customers with the 1-1-1 configuration. The cabin has only two rows. So, the room with six suites only is the proof of an exquisite status of these customers.

Lack of comfort is out of the question. Massive seats are large and convenient. It looks like the back seat in the newest Mercedes. However, the vehicle cannot boast of the ottoman inside while the suits of Cathay Pacific first class review can. This small couch is located directly in front of the passenger’s location and is used to turn the seat into the bed. A small and usually unnoticed feature is the fresh white orchids placed in the vase on the wall.

The other features offered at the seat include multiple storage places for customer’s belongings, outlets for charging portable devices, desk, dining table and other insignificant but pleasant options.

The core advantage of seats in this Cathay Pacific first class review 777 is the bed option. The large seat (81” pitch and 36” wide) turns into a bed by simply pushing the buttons. Flight guests do not need to perform this procedure since flight attendants will do everything for them.

In-flight Entertainment

Our Cathay Pacific review of first class includes any feature that is essential for a comfortable trip. IFE is not an exception but the major tool to prevent passengers from getting bored. Near the ottoman, there is a huge screen to entertain customers during the hours of travel. The display can be moved out and adjusted to the convenient watching angle. Studio CX is the name of the software designed to entertain passengers. It offers an enormous selection of content to be watched, listened or played on 15.4” screen. The IFE remote control is found on the right side of the suite. Another attractive feature for passengers of Cathay Pacific first class 777-300er is Bose headphones. However, the company still does not offer Wi-Fi on the board of Boeings while Airbuses provide such option.

Meals and Beverages

We approach the most exciting part of Cathay Pacific first class review 777. Food has become an integral part of a flight regardless of the cabin class. However, if coach passengers settle for ready-made dining options, elite customers plunge into the world of pleasure and restaurant delicacies being in the sky. The regular flight on Cathay Pacific first class Boeing 777 300er begins with the pre-takeoff champagne or other drink at your choice. A hot towel is an obligatory attribute before the meal.

The menu is already accessible to the left of you. Hurry over to learn it since the catering will be performed soon after the takeoff. If you happen to be a long-haul flight passenger, enjoy the opportunity to taste both breakfast and lunch options on the board. Your mouth will begin watering since you read the first lines of the menu. Besides, every lunch is accompanied by champagne and caviar. By the way, the assortment of wines and champagne is rather decent. At the same time, we cannot but mention the menu’s liquor options in our Cathay Pacific review of first class. Put in a nutshell, the air carrier makes everything to make its customers satiated and happy.


The aim of the present review of Cathay Pacific first class 777 was to express all emotions and feelings that accompany a top class customer within the whole air travel. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do it by words. Naturally, the described features are not cheap and such pleasure would cost a fortune. However, if you esteem only the best things in your life, this solution is what you need.

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