Cathay Pacific Business Class Flight Overview [2021]

Cathay Pacific Business Class Flight Overview [2021]

Some people are afraid of traveling by the air transport. However, statistically, this type of transportation is the safest. Moreover, it excels the other traveling means like trains or cruises by speed and comfort offered in the cabin of an aircraft. Indeed, the invention of such a way of transportation in the air is considered a leap to the development of various other achievements. For this reason, we cannot imagine our modern lives without these enormous metal birds carrying hundreds of tons of cargo and thousands of passengers.

The present article can interest any person who has ever experienced this feeling of ascending in the air in the cabin of an aircraft. If an air traveling is still what you have not tried, then even more so you should be familiar with the opportunities available during an air trip.

Everyone knows that the economy class is the most affordable option to get to a certain destination as fast as possible. The prices are rather decent and the comfort is satisfactory. In addition, you can register a luggage and be fed on the board. These are the basic features provided for the vast majority of the population. Nevertheless, we are going to talk about the next level of an air trip on the board of the most known Hong Kong airline. It refers to Cathay Pacific new business class 2017.

As you might know, each air company has a fleet of airplanes to operate the flights to the numerous cities around the globe. Recently, the prominent air entities began to opt for the metal birds manufactured by the Airbus Company. Nevertheless, this review of Cathay Pacific business class is associated with the flagship of the American manufacturer – Boeing 777-300ER. So, let’s begin!

Business Class Seats Review

Do you know what is the key distinction of a regular cabin for the majority of people and an improved class for the price higher almost twofold? The answer is the comfort. Moreover, the level of comfort is demonstrated in details including a separate check-in counter, special preflight area, privileged boarding, etc. Despite all the mentioned features do express a higher level of class, the essential characteristic of this Cathay Pacific business class review namely a seat was not mentioned. In fact, a seat is the core parameter of any class since right here a passenger is going to spend several hours.

Unlike the configuration of seats that can be found in the 90% of economy class cabins, the elite class of passengers can enjoy more privacy and personal space during a short or long-haul travel. This is possible due to a specific set of seats called a reverse herringbone. If you look at the configuration scheme from above, it does correspond to its name. The customers of the improved class are seated in three rows: one middle row with two seat and two side rows with one seat each. Thus, if you travel with a partner or a friend, you may opt for the middle row while an alone flight is better to experience at a side row near the window.

Comparing to the other airlines, Cathay Pacific business class can boast of rather large seating places. Besides, the flat beds ensure the extra convenience. How is it possible? Every seat is convertible into a bed. Thus, a 10-more-hours trip would cause no discomfort at all!

Lounge Review

Although the cabin of Cathay Pacific business class in 2017 provides the conditions for a comfortable travel, the advantages of being a top customer start from the ground. A regular passenger performs a check-in procedure and heads to the waiting area. A premium customer of this airline is granted with a separate check-in area followed by a lounge area. Naturally, the top-rated lounge products can be found in the heart of this Asia air carrier namely in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, the other destinations are also equipped with the lounges full of comfort, relax, and gastronomic specialties.

If a long flight is ahead, the customers can plunge into the silence and relaxation of the shower rooms fitted with a bed to have a snap. A devotee of a hasteless lifestyle would be happy to take a bath or opt for a massage.

Let’s won’t forget about the dining opportunities. Throughout the lounge area, the customers can find various snacks and beverages to satisfy the inner man. If your appetite is overwhelming, a restaurant is at your disposal. Besides, the menus differ due to the destination of a lounge. The passengers can beguile at a bar drinking coffee or something stiffer.

Cathay Pacific Business Class: Inflight Meals in 2021

If we started talking about the gastronomical opportunities and features in the 2021 review of Cathay Pacific business class, let’s get up in the air and find out what a premium class customer can enjoy during a flight.

Jump ahead a bit I should say that the crew would not leave you suffering from craving from the very start of your air travel. As a welcoming treat, the guest (if you do not mind me to call the passengers in such a way) get a glass of champagne together with some snack. These are offered as soon as an aircraft gets in the air.

The major meal is much more interesting and resembles a visit to a luxury restaurant. In fact, the Cathay Pacific inflight meals menus for the elite customers are designed in cooperation with the famous restaurants. It is pointless to list a variety of dishes offered to the aircraft’s guest because each menu is special. The real gourmets can visit the official website of the company and learn the food choices for a starter, main course, and a dessert. All you need to know is that no comparison to the economy class menu can be applied.

I nearly forgot to introduce the wines. Unfortunately, to list all 80 wine choices would take a half of this article. But, to counter your concerns I admit that the selection of this noble beverage is composed by a prominent master sommelier. She is a professional and the customers should trust her choice.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Amenity Kit Review

Although the business class review on Cathay Pacific is approaching its end and no word was mentioned about the inconsiderable but distinctive feature of any airline. No offense, but the coach passengers might have heard but never got an amenity kit. If you are not familiar with this term, I will explain.

The premium customers are provided with a set of useful items like toothpaste, toothbrush, various creams and balms, and miscellaneous tools for a comfortable presence on the board of an aircraft. These tools are especially needed when a flight lasts for more than six hours. The world’s-leading airlines try to cooperate with the famous brands and manufacturers to offer the best and exquisite amenities to their customers.

Cathay Pacific sticks to the line and has a partner represented by Seventy Eight Percent Company that designed the amenity kit for the premium cabin. Let’s see what one can find inside.

The items to brush the teeth are an integral part. A convenient bedtime requires silence and rest that can be improved by the eyeshade and earplugs. The most interesting part includes a variety of creams and balms by Jurlique. If you got used to sleeping in pajama, you need to promote to the highest class since Cathay Pacific makes pajamas available only in the top-rated class.

Baggage Review

As a rule, the customers of the improved class are represented by the people traveling for business. They follow a rule that time is money and prefer to travel light. Nevertheless, sometimes you need to move some important or necessary belongings that can total in a significant weight. Naturally, the privileged passengers can carry more than those in the coach can. However, the limitation on the check-in luggage does exist. Each premium customer can have not more than 88 pounds of baggage free. The additional weight has to be paid. The carry-on baggage corresponds to the standardized weight and dimensions and amounts to 22 pounds per passenger.

To sum up the above, I would not recommend or persuade from using the top class services of Cathay Pacific. Everyone will find something attractive or embarrassing in the top class product provided by this Hong Kong air carrier. Fly in safe!

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