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Cheap business class tickets, flights to Seoul

Cheap Business Class Flights to Seoul [2021]

Discounted business class tickets to Seoul start from $2985 Seoul, officially known as the Seoul Special City, is the capital of South Korea. Being the largest metropolis in South Korea, it is famous for its ancient history and numerous tourist attractions. Many decades ago, this used to be a royal city, so there are lots of […]

Fly First and Business Class More for Less in 2021. Best Deals & Tricks

Fly First and Business Class More for Less in 2021. Best Deals & Tricks

The pandemic has reshaped the business class and first-class flying experience, with changes to how airlines board planes, scaled-back in-flight service, and even when you go through the airport security. Some airlines blocked middle seats to give travelers more space onboard. However, the aviation industry seems to start getting back to a high level of […]

emirates business class

Cathay Pacific Business Class Inflight Meals [2021]

The advantages of traveling in business class are demonstrated in various ways. The higher the class of the cabin – the higher is the status of a passenger. This difference between a regular economy and premium class is observed both in the air and on the ground. The premium class customers are entitled to privileges […]

Etihad Business Class Flight A380 Review [2021]

Wonder what it’s like to travel on Etihad Business Class A380? There are many carriers around the globe, however, not all of them are as good as Etihad airlines. Nevertheless, still, there are some disadvantages of traveling on Etihad, which we are going to scrutinize. Ready to start? First and foremost, being a Business Class […]

15 Best Destinations in Europe to Fly First and Business Class. Summer 2021

15 Best Destinations in Europe to Fly First and Business Class. Summer 2021

1. Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has an enviable reputation for design and architecture for such a tiny country in the world. Whether it’s Danish chairs, lighting, buildings, or public places, Danish design is well-known across the globe for its practicality, playfulness, and simplicity. Visit  Louisiana Museum of Modern Art of the Twentieth […]

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Cheap Business Class Flights to Brisbane in 2021

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland – Australia’s most populated state. With a population of 2.3 million people, this huge metropolis has a bustling and eventful life. As a tourist destination, it is less popular than Melbourne or Sydney, however the number of tourists, coming here to catch a few rays is quickly increasing. Tourists […]

Delta One Business Class Lounge Review [2021]

Intro Do you know a prerequisite to making a customer happy during a long flight? It seems that this question hides no pitfalls and a high level of comfort will be an exact answer hereto. Nevertheless, the term “comfortable flight” consists of two notions namely a top-rated accommodation in the air and a sufficient level […]

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Cheap Business Class Flights to Shanghai in 2021

Today specials for business class airfares to Shanghai: Amazing Tourist and Business Destination If you have never been to Shanghai, you should find time and money to do that, you can buy cheap first and business class tickets to Shanghai. This is one of the most impressive and bustling places in the world. Having a […]

Delta One Business Class Inflight Meals

Delta One Business Class Inflight Meals [2021]

There are several ways to highlight the benefits of a trip in the business class. Passengers that choose the premium services in the air want to punctuate their status and enjoy all the comforts provided by an airline. In fact, you feel the advantages of the premium class not only in the cabin but also […]

First Class Flights with ANA All Nippon Airways 2021

Japan is a unique country. Here, the quality of the services provided is always at the top. With no exaggeration, Japanese people strive for excellence and apply the best practices to everything they produce and offer. Today, we are going to provide you with the information about one of the greatest international airlines. ANA All […]