Business Class New York – Hong Kong 2020


Do you travel a lot and want to try something new? Then Cathay Pacific will be just right for you. This is a carrier which will bring you many positive emotions, however, there are also some drawbacks…We will review the features of Cathay Pacific both good and bad, and you will make up your mind yourself whether to use them or not, ok? Let’s begin.

Benefits of Cathay Pacific Business Class

1. High-tech design of the seats.
2. Comfortable beds.
3. Amenity kit contains most of the essentials.
4. Updated in-flight entertainment system.
5. Satellite Wi-Fi.
6. Wide choice of food and beverages.

General information

Cathay Pacific New York to Hong Kong Business Class review states that there many things to be improved in this haul. For example, during the security check, while searching and asking whether there are liquids, the staff peeks the bag. This is quite uncomfortable and useless. Also, the lounge zone should be reorganized if we speak about food and beverage choice.
However, Cathay Pacific Hong Kong to New York Business Class review claims there are many positive things when you are aboard. For example, the menu is very huge. Also, the seats are soft and comfortable. Besides, their design is up-to-day. Consequently, as usual, there are some ups and downs, but let’s concentrate on the positive sides.

Planes that service (types)

If we talk about the planes which serve in Business Class, then these ones should be mentioned: Airbus A330-300 (33E) Two Class V1, Airbus A330-300 (33K) Three Class, Airbus A330-300 (33P) Two Class V2 New Regional, Airbus A350-1000 (351), Airbus A350-900 (35G), Boeing 777-200 (772) New Regional, Boeing 777-300 (73Z) New Regional, Boeing 777-300ER (77G) Three Class, Boeing 777-300ER (77H) Four Class.


If you want to book a ticket, the only option is to do it by paying cash. Some people say that it is quite uncomfortable, but this is the rule and demand of the airlines.

Services offered

Business Class Cathay Pacific flight from New York to Hong Kong is full of wonderful services beginning with the services on Earth and finishing with the services during the flight. Let’s review them closely:
During fly:
Cathay Pacific 777 Business Class New York to Hong Kong review states that the seats there are ones of the world’s best. They are both comfortable and well-designed. There is a reasonable amount of privacy and personal space.
Noise-canceling headphones are really useful during the flight in Cathay Pacific Boeing 777.

The menu looks rather aesthetically boring, but it has a wide range of food and beverage options. After the meal, there is handed the practical amenity kit by Hong-Kong brand. After that, the tablecloth is given. The starters and the main dish are served then, which are very tasty, according to Cathay Pacific 777 Business Class review.
On the earth:
The lounge zone can be described by one word “regular”. It is normal and modest. There is nothing special there, in comparison with the lounge zone of other carriers. We guess Cathay Pacific is focused mainly not on the quality of the airport and lounge, but on the service on board.

Airport terminals, lounge review

The stuff in the airport seems rather impolite because they tend to scream at Asian passengers. There is some food you can grab in the lounge area, but its choice is not very big. Just keep on being patient before you step on the plane, please!

Business Class cabin review

Review of Cathay Pacific Business Class states that the Business Class cabin is very comfortable. The seats are arranged in 1-2-1 configuration. The seats are high-tech and have a lot of storage, and also, they have a compartment on the side of the seat. The passengers find the beds comfortable too.
Food and drinks
According to Cathay Pacific New York to Hong Kong Business Class review, the menu is very large. There are eight pages there. Can you imagine? You can ask for a number of great dishes and drinks. The soups, starters, bread, cheese, meat, fresh juices are included. The great dessert is offered to you as well. Besides, you can try the hot snacks between the main dishes.
Entertainments, etc.
As Cathay Pacific Hong Kong to New York Business Class review says, there is much of entertainment on board. The selection is diverse and the display is more responsive and sharper than it has been before. Thanks to the touchscreen slider, now it became easier to skip the advertisements. However, you can pick using the remotely wired touchscreen, which enables you to view the second screen where are moving map and exterior cameras. As it was mentioned above, there is a TV option and satellite Wi-Fi.

Summary reasons to fly with Cathay Pacific Business Class

Generally speaking, it might seem that Cathay Pacific is not really competitive airlines at the first sight. But this is only the first impression you get in the beginning. As long as the service on earth is not really very developed, you might make a conclusion that it is the same during the flight. However, it is not.
There are many reasons why you would fall in love with Cathay Pacific if you step on its planes. First of all, it is the design of the plane in the Business Class area. It is very fresh that sometimes you can even smell it. The seats are also very comfortable as well as beds. Moreover, if we speak about food choice, so many things are to be said. There are many options for food and beverages for each taste, if only you wanted to glance over and read all the eight pages of the menu.


All in all, Cathay Pacific airlines are modest airlines, but with a great perspective. They have many advantages if compared with another air carrier, but have also some drawbacks though. However, it is better to try and make up your mind yourself regarding these airlines. Do not be surprised, nevertheless, that it might be ambiguous, to sum up.