5 Best Business Class Flights to Europe in 2020

Luxurious business class flights are considered to be one of the best ways of air transportation. Super comfortable conditions: wide selection of chef dishes and alcoholic drinks, large and extra soft seats that easily transform into flatbed suites…However, does every airline provide at least these services so perfectly? Hmm… Not really. Your air trip can be spoilt by terrible service, hard seats, poor-quality food. How not to overpay and regret about the wrong choice? That’s the great question we are to answer in this exact article.

Here you have 5 airlines that offered best business class flights oversees. We examined thousands of real online customer’s reviews. That’s what we focused on while making this top. People estimated the quality of seats and given services. Check out the real “public” listing below.

1. Qatar Airways

The list of the tops starts with this amazing airline that keeps winning awards. The inflight experience of countless satisfied customers just separates Qatar Airways from the competition. Let’s find out why.

Equally comfortable seats on all the aircrafts the airline provideseasily turn into the flat ones. A perfect choice for tired workaholic who can sleep for days. High-quality noise-cancelling headphonesyour neighbors use make you finally get that wink of sleep you lacked after long working hours. Well, it turns out you can buy a perfect sleep for money…for a Qatar business class ticket price.

Experienced customers assure that entertainment system has many choices and works perfectly. On board you are also provided with an amenity kit and complementary pajamas. The only disadvantage is the lack of XXL size. Therefore, want a luxuriousflight? Better grow lean;)

How about champagne. Reviewers admire 2 types of champagne there, delicious meals and single out an excellent crew with a formal and constant smile.

As lots of passengers nowadays complain about constant sitting or lying positions during long-term flights. Exhale, because aircrafts here have mini stands in lounge that everyone uses actually tostretch during portions of the flight.

Wi-Fi connection, however, is the problem even the best airlines cannot fix. You will be able to check your What’s Up or Instagram, but YouTube may freeze pretty often.

And, of course, the most essential thing to mention is an ability to upgrade and get business class tickets even less expensive.Unfortunately, very few airlines offer auctioning or simple upgrade. Let’s admit these guys are the best for international flights. Qatar are the best in the industry and that’s evident.

2. Lufthansa

The most promising European competitor to bear the best business class airline status is German Lufthansa. Customers are bribed with super German efficiency and first-rate service (despite the class). Most of the reviewers are stunned at how an airline manages to stick to the timetable precisely. Very few experienced short-term delays and a lot of customers were surprised to arrive ahead of schedule. The next advantage is a good legroom in a business class cabin. Nobody likes uncomfortable flights with hurting legs on the next day. Right?

All the food is served by pleasant and professional crew. If the staff is not in dispute, the food’s reviews are a bit controversial. Specific Japanese catering is not to taste to several customers. Try to pick something else having a wide choice.

In general, Lufthansa deserves its 5-star rating of Skytrax. As all you’ll feel at leaving LH is a sadness of saying “Good-bye” to a place with such level of efficiency, comfort, and sympathy.

3. Emirates

Emirates are here, thanks to huge number of large cabin interioradmirers. Food and beverages are impressive as well as. Emirates consistently top-notch when it comes to IFE, transfers at DXB, OnAir WiFi, chauffeur pick-up and drop-off, and lounges.

Still, a perfect airline received only 4 stars from Skytrax. According to several reviews, the possible reason is old aircrafts and late disembarking. Screens on several planes are with bad resolution, so movies look blurred and special effects are in vain. In addition, while leaving the plane, you are likely to wait until the whole economy class gets off the board. No priority to those, who paid more.

Someone complained about poor quality of service. It took the whole hour to serve the meal when being asked for. That is why, today Emirates are the third.

4. Swiss Int’l Air Lines

Another 4-Skytrax-stars winner. To cut a long story short, perfect service, but dated seats and limited snacks. Still, several people are sure that “seats are also very comfortable – had what felt like a gel type cushion that you sat on.” Full-HD screens, attentive, eager to help flight attendants, at least 4 dishes to choose for every meal, a comfortable lounge are just some of the pros of Swiss Intl Airlines.

All the business class passengers receive priority baggage tag, therefore, are first to take the suitcase and leave an airport. 20 minutes after landing you are to be on your way to the city. Delays happen, but very seldom. However, the overhead bins are usually very small. That is why usually there is no enough space to put the hand luggage.

Yes, Swiss airlines are not perfect, but you can have a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, tasty meals and a baby sleep on its aircrafts.

5. Turkish airlines

The most promising airlines with the brightest ads. We decided to conclude tops of the tops with an airline, which goes on developing very rapidly. The food here is perfect. The stuff recognizes its loyal customers. The Bentley night bag, Denon noise-cancelling headphones and large-screen IFE with a touch-screen remote are fascinating.

Getting to the terminal, the airline will provide a separate bus for business class. It seems to you like this is info about the airline which tops this list. Well, it would be so, but for the business lounges. These are proved to be noisy, crowded with tables and floors overflowing with dirty dishes, cutlery, napkins, empty bottles, and cans by several reviewers. Perfect in the air, sometimes disappointing inland. Still, Turkish Airlines’ offers are too tempting to pass by.