What To Choose Between First and Business Class?

Would you believe that the flight time on the same aircraft might be different for the passengers of the first class and the coach? Probably not. Nevertheless, the comfortable and convenient conditions often could cause such a feeling of a fast flight. In addition, even the crew of an aircraft prefer to work in business/first class.

Difference between business class and first class

Business is not like First Class?

There are not so significant differences between these classes, but still they are present and might be essential for you to make a choice.
Nowadays, the majority of airline companies prefer to increase the number of business class seats and to eliminate the first class.

So how business class differs from first class?

Waiting For Boarding

The business or first class passengers usually wait for boarding in comfortable lounges. The best lounges are not in the USA, but in in Asia, Europe and Australia. Usually, the lounges provide all means of comfort: fast Wi-Fi, convenient chairs and snacks.
E.g., in Frankfurt an exclusive lounge is offered for the first class customers of Lufthansa. It features a separate terminal, from which the passengers are driven in a Porsche or Mercedes to the aircraft.


The privileges for boarding of first class customers on some airlines are magnificent. E.g., Air India offers personal escort from to the lounge and to the departing flight, consisting of three airline employees.

Comfort Comes First

The difference between sleeping in aircraft or other place is enormous. In this case business and first-class offer many improvements. Nevertheless, the services in the first class go even further to make your comfort even greater. The following options may be provided:

  • – Seat, which turns into a bed (one can lie flat)
  • – special configuration of cabin
  • – more distance from other passengers or more private space
  • – double bed (Singapore A 380)
  • – private “apartment” (Etihad A380)
  • – separate seat and bed (Lufthansa 747-400 aircrafts)

The configurations for any flight may differ according to the market. E.g., the first class on Emirates aircrafts doesn’t differ much compared to the business class.

Meal and Beverages

A meal of restaurant quality is offered to the business class customers. Nevertheless, the meal in the first class is often prepared under the direction of a famous chef.
The menus, containing exquisite and exclusive items is a hallmark of the first class. E.g., Singapore Airlines offer such brands as Krug Grande Cuvée. Such companies as Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, Qatar Airways, or Korean Air provide aircrafts with onboard bars to spend your time with pleasure.

Full Attention

There is almost no flaws in service in business class, however, the first class services are more personalized in. E.g., a personal flight attendant may be provided.

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