Unforgettable Flight to Dubai With Emirates Airline

Though Dubai is a comparatively new tourist destination, popularity of this Arabian city grows with an enormous speed. Being a desert city, Dubai has an excellent infrastructure and is famous for its exquisite tourist amenities and amazing sights.

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The luxury of this huge Arabian city cannot but impress. This is the most progressive, modern and fastly developing emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A former fishing village has quickly turned into a global city. Today it is the second largest emirate with a prosperous tourist industry that attracts visitors from all around the world. Manmade islands, the tallest tower in the world, underwater hotels and seven-star property is just a miniscule proportion of all wonders located in Dubai. Undoubtedly, this emirate is attractive not only for tourists. Being a huge business and transport hub, Dubai is also a very lucrative spot for business persons.

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Whether you are flying to Dubai to enjoy your vacation or meet business partners, you need to arrive there relaxed and inspired. Since you plan a trip to one of the most luxurious places on earth, you should arrive there in style. Wonder how to do that? Just choose Emirates airline and their business class service. You will never regret choosing this airline, as business class cabins of all their A380 aircraft are nearly all Boeing 777 are equipped with flat-bed seats.

Aboard a luxurious premium class cabin, with comfortable seats, that you can recline to a flat bed, you will forget about the discomfort of long-haul flights and therefore will concentrate on more pleasant or important tasks. You can surf the Internet, send emails, watch movies or just read your favourite book. Do not worry that your laptop will get uncharged in the most inopportune moment, as all chairs are equipped with the in-seat power. Moreover, you will have a side table and your personal mini-bar.

Premium class passengers are offered mouth-watering meals and a large collection of exclusive wines. All dishes are cooked by the best chefs who use only locally sourced ingredients. The company’s sommeliers will help choose the best wine to match your meal. Moreover, you can choose diverse cold and hot drinks, spirits, cocktails, beers and champagne from their huge list of complimentary drinks.

Another exceptional feature of Emirates and their A380 aircraft is the Onboard Lounge that allows business and first class customers socialise and make new acquaintances at a height of 40 thousand feet. You will be offered an excellent collection of hot and cold drinks. Time will go too quickly in a company of interesting people. Who knows, may be you will find new friends, true love or a reliable business partner in the A380 Onboard Lounge.

With Emirates airline you will start experiencing the benefits of premium class flight from the very moment you leave your home, starting with the Chauffeur-drive service, available in more than seventy cities, and finishing with exclusive lounge area and a privilege of boarding directly from this lounge.

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