First Class Review of Delta 737-900ER: from Seattle to Atlanta

For your attention, a review Boeing 737-900ER first class is introduced. The flight was operated by Delta Airlines on the route from Seattle to Atlanta.


Let’s start the first class review of Delta 737-900ER from the very beginning, namely, from the Delta Sky Priority counters in Seattle. So, the advantage of being a first class customer begins with the empty check-in counters. A very pleasant trifle! Passengers need to print their tickets before dropping their baggage. This is to be done via convenient terminals with user-friendly interface. Everything is simple and clear.
Let’s get to the boarding. The first class passengers obtain a priority to boarding – first class means first in all details. The boarding process is really efficient. The crew members are standing beside the closet hanging the coat for passengers. This is not a very significant feature in the Delta Airlines first class review, but a very pleasant one.

First Class Cabin and Seats Boeing 737-900ER


After the first class passengers be seated, the welcome drinks are served. Delta provides no alcoholic drinks for domestic flights. The only exception is beer.

The cabin looks as follows: two rows of comfortable leather seats with the arrangement 2-2. Around 20 seats in total. The seats are 21″ wide with 37″ pitch, fitted with adjustable winged headrests. The legroom is more than simple sufficient – one can even dangle feet. The space to the neighbor seat is long enough. The seats are separated with a small table with cup holes.
Every seat is equipped with 110v power outlet between the two seats front of you. On the bottom of a video screen, there is a USB outlet.

Inflight Entertainment in first class of Boeing 737-900ER

One of the key features of Delta 737-900ER is the large HD video screen. The software is typical for the entire Delta fleet. The interface is rather good and usable. You may see a detailed flight information, track the flight, see the aircraft characteristics, etc. The mapping is really impressive.

The inflight entertainment provides everything in order to prevent you from getting bored. After you received an information about the flight, namely, data of the aircraft, map of the route, outside weather conditions, you may choose anything else. The IFE offers a variety of movies, series, satellite TV, music and other entertainment options by Delta Airlines. The range of movies include new releases and classic masterpieces at everyone’s choice. The satellite TV is represented by such channels as ESPN, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC and many others. Everything works properly without any freezes or malfunction. Movies and TV shows are free for the first class customers. This aircraft also supports Delta Studio with the access to movies and TV shows on iPad or other compatible devices.
The only flaws is that the screen is fixed without any tilt option. When a person in front of you reclines the seat, it is rather difficult to see the screen.
Headphones are free for the first class customers. The coach can purchase them for $5.
By the way, the Wi-Fi is available on the board.

Cabin Comfort in Boeing 737-900ER first class

The aircraft is equipped with the hinged overhead bins. These bins open down, which is more comfortable for baggage loading.

Another feature of this aircraft in review of Delta 737-900ER is the programmable LED lights.
As for the lavatory, it cannot boast of enough space.
The pillows and blanket for the flight are provided by Westin. The screen of IFE is embedded in the headrest of a front seat.



The mealtime is coming and all first class passengers were provided with hot towels. Meal service begins approximately 900 miles out. A table folds out from the armrest. The table is big enough, making no discomfort when having a meal. Appetizers come first.
The quality of meal service is almost of international level. Everything is excellent and delicious. The main course was served at the choice – omelet or cereal.


The review of Delta First Class showed the overall average performance. No problems with the meal service or other comfort were noticed. The price of this first class experience was $410, which makes Delta Airlines one of the most preferable U.S airliners.