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Business destination – Amsterdam

The Kingdome of Netherlands has one of the most intriguing cities as its capital – Amsterdam. Having been established more than eight centuries ago as a small fishing village, Amsterdam later became one of the main ports in the world … Continue reading


Business Destination – Munich

Northern of the Bavarian Alps, on the banks of Isar River, you can find Munich – the largest city of the German state of Bavaria. Having one of the biggest density of population in Germany, the city of Munich is … Continue reading


Business destination – Rome

One of the most appreciated tourist spots in the world is Rome, the capital of Italy. It is the third most visited city in Europe for many reasons. Being one of the most ancient sites of the Western Europe, the … Continue reading


Business Destination — Zurich

Switzerland is one and only, it is a widely acknowledged fact. Although, if we talk about a city with the greatest diversity of highlights and entertainment, the city of Zurich is the first to mention. Having been established not less … Continue reading


Business Destination — Milan

Milan is one of the biggest industrial cities of Lombardy, Italy; it is universally acknowledged that this city has an ancient history and numerous cultural attractions. It is a homeland for such famous artists as Leonardo da Vinci, Alessandro Manzoni, Giuseppe … Continue reading

business class to Geneva

Business Destination – Geneva

Being Switzerland’s most international city, Geneva is one of Europe’s biggest centers of culture and history. This is a congress city; some important international facilities (the UNO, the International Red Cross) are also headquartered here. The beautiful city of Geneva … Continue reading

thai business class

Thai Airways First and Business Class Review

By the number of the offered flights and covered destinations, Thai Airways can easily compete with any other airline company in the world. Indeed Thai Airways provides more flights to more destinations than other airlines. However, the company can boast … Continue reading

taiwan business class flights

Cheap Business Class Flight to Taiwan

Taiwan is undoubtedly a must-visit destination. This island country, with its favourable geographical location and numerous beaches is a real paradise for tourists. The country is located north of the Philippines and southwest of Okinawa, Japan. Having a population of … Continue reading

Melbourne flights

Melbourne – business destinations

If Melbourne is your travel or business destination this year, be sure to fly there with comfort. Though this is a long-haul flight, you can cover the long distance while not even noticing this. Forget about suffering in a tiny … Continue reading

Brisbane business and travel

Brisbane – Business Destination

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland – Australia’s most populated state. With a population of 2.3 million people, this huge metropolis has a bustling and eventful life. As a tourist destination, it is less popular than Melbourne or Sydney, however … Continue reading