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How to Find Cheap First Class Flights to Hong Kong from the USA

Most people travel in coach class. The lesser amount of people can afford business class options, and only the limited group of people have a first class travel experience. The first class customers feel their advantages both in the air … Continue reading


Review of Long-Haul Business Class on Delta One Boeing 767-300ER

Someone suggests that business class is an improved coach only. Nevertheless, the business options offer more comfort than standard medium classes. Depending on the route and airline, the business class seats have various configurations and options. However, there are some … Continue reading


How to Find Cheap First Class Flights to Singapore from the USA

Some companies do not separate first and business class, therefore making no difference between them. However, the difference does exist. First class passengers are not just the ordinary people, but the people who praise comfort and luxury on the very … Continue reading

Difference between business class and first class

What To Choose Between First and Business Class?

Would you believe that the flight time on the same aircraft might be different for the passengers of the first class and the coach? Probably not. Nevertheless, the comfortable and convenient conditions often could cause such a feeling of a … Continue reading

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How to Find Cheap First Class Flights to London from the USA

London is one of the world’s most famous destinations for leisure and business. To feel the taste of Europe, you should definitely see it at least once in a life. Flights from the USA are surely too long to survive … Continue reading

Korean Air vs Delta Airlines Business Class: What to Choose to Make Your Trip Amazing?

The question “how to stand through the long flight” seems to never fall out of use. Today, we will see how different are business class options provided by Asian and American airlines. Korean Air is the South Korean largest airline … Continue reading

Explaining the Difference between Business Class and First Class: Korean Air

Korean Air – one of the major flight companies of Asia and the flag carrier of South Korea. Their main hub is set at the Seoul-Incheon International Airport. As a passenger and cargo airline, the airline serves over 100 domestic … Continue reading

13 Secrets Airlines Don’t Want You to Know About

The Reddit, a popular US website has asked the flight attendants and the airlines to reveal their professional secrets, hidden from the mere mortals. 1. A different pet experience the flight in a different way Dogs are going crazy in … Continue reading


How to Find Cheap First Class Flights to Milan from the USA

Italy was always one of the most attractive destinations throughout Europe. There are a great many wonderful spots and each of them has a unique atmosphere. Milan, the capital of the Lombardy region, is the country’s most populous metropolitan area. … Continue reading

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Difference Between Business Class and First Class: Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong airline

Cathay Pacific is Hong Kong airline’s operator who offers quality flights to various destinations around the world. It features economy, premium, business and first classes with quality service in each. Nevertheless, a comparison between Cathay Pacific business and first classes … Continue reading