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5 Luxurious Sea Restaurants in Singapore

Singapore is an island with a special love to seafood. It is not a problem to find a seafood restaurant in Singapore, however, the best ones are usually located along the coastline, providing the customers with the atmosphere of the … Continue reading

seta restaurant milan

5 Luxurious Restaurants in Milan

Milan is the largest industrial city in Italy. In addition, this is the center of artists, models, designers and photographers. Someone call Milan the fashion capital. If you are lucky to visit this place, you should take maximum advantage of … Continue reading

Delta business class

Long Haul Delta Airlines vs United Airlines Business Class

Every business class experience has something special. Nowadays, the market of air services counts hundreds of air companies offering different business class options subject to the route and destination. Recently, the term business class began to change its original value. … Continue reading

Cathay Pacific vs Delta Airlines Business Class

Business class may be different depending on the airline company, the route, and the aircraft itself. Nevertheless, each airline company has some features, which distinguish the business class services of a particular company from the competitors. Cathay Pacific Delta Airlines: … Continue reading

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First Class Review of Delta 737-900ER: from Seattle to Atlanta

For your attention, a review Boeing 737-900ER first class is introduced. The flight was operated by Delta Airlines on the route from Seattle to Atlanta. Check-in Let’s start the first class review of Delta 737-900ER from the very beginning, namely, … Continue reading

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How to Get Cheap First Class Flights to Europe

Overview of Benefits of First Class First class is a niche for people, which want to differentiate themselves from others. They know the value of real luxury and comfort, and used to be first everywhere. The air carriers try to … Continue reading

Hong Kong

How to Find Cheap First Class Flights to Hong Kong from the USA

Most people travel in coach class. The lesser amount of people can afford business class options, and only the limited group of people have a first class travel experience. The first class customers feel their advantages both in the air … Continue reading


Review of Long-Haul Business Class on Delta One Boeing 767-300ER

Someone suggests that business class is an improved coach only. Nevertheless, the business options offer more comfort than standard medium classes. Depending on the route and airline, the business class seats have various configurations and options. However, there are some … Continue reading


How to Find Cheap First Class Flights to Singapore from the USA

Some companies do not separate first and business class, therefore making no difference between them. However, the difference does exist. First class passengers are not just the ordinary people, but the people who praise comfort and luxury on the very … Continue reading

Difference between business class and first class

What To Choose Between First and Business Class?

Would you believe that the flight time on the same aircraft might be different for the passengers of the first class and the coach? Probably not. Nevertheless, the comfortable and convenient conditions often could cause such a feeling of a … Continue reading