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How to Get Upgraded To First Class On Delta

The world of air transportation is rather puzzled and knotted. Regular people not involved in twists and turns of air travel business do not understand some things. For example, a flight from A to B that is twice shorter than … Continue reading

Cathay Pacific First Class 777-300er Review in 2017

Traveling in elite conditions is a prerogative of a small group of the population. It is an accustomed thing that the bulk of people opt for coach and the people of higher status choose a more advanced product. Nevertheless, some … Continue reading

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Delta One vs Virgin Upper Class

An experienced traveler will agree that the business class may be different depending on the chosen air company. Since there are hundreds of airlines in the market, the passengers are provided with different flight products. Currently, the upper class is … Continue reading

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Top 5 Best Luxury Airlines in 2017

A variety of air companies provides higher competition resulting in the increase of servicing quality. Nowadays, there are more than 200 air carriers offering their services around the world. However, only several of them can be called the elite airlines … Continue reading


5 Best Long-Haul Business Class in 2017

Have you ever used services of business class cabin? If so, you have probably been impressed with the quality of services and comfort reigning in the cabin. These qualities are especially important if your trip lasts more than six hours. … Continue reading

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Cathay Pacific vs Emirates Business Class – Which One Is the Best in 2017?

Cathay Pacific VS Emirates Traveling in business class is a prerogative of people who know the price of time and comfort. It is the balanced solution between the luxury first class and the cheap coach. The largest share of passengers … Continue reading

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Cathay Pacific vs Etihad Business Class – Which One Is the Best in 2017

The business class is general meaning for the services offered by airliners for their customers. Depending on various factors, the options and quality of business class may differ. Moreover, each air carrier attempt to exceed its competitors and provide the … Continue reading

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Top 15 Restaurants with Spectacular Views in Paris

When traveling around Paris, the guests of the city have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy not only the majestic taste of French cuisine, but also to appreciate the stunning and spectacular views of the capital of the France. There are … Continue reading

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5 Roofs with Spectacular Views in Milan

The financial and fashion center of Italy is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Most people are attracted by the ancient architecture, incredible monuments, shopping opportunities, luxury restaurants and even sports events. Milan is a wonderful place, where the … Continue reading

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Luxury Gyms in Singapore

The trend of sport lifestyle is spreading around the globe, and now more and more people cannot imagine their daily routine without training activities. Indeed, the daily exercises are beneficial for both body management and cardiovascular fitness. Besides, some studies … Continue reading