13 Secrets Airlines Don’t Want You to Know About

The Reddit, a popular US website has asked the flight attendants and the airlines to reveal their professional secrets, hidden from the mere mortals.

1. A different pet experience the flight in a different way

Dogs are going crazy in a bellyhold, while cats are totally okay with flying. Nowadays, a great number of passengers are dreaming about travelling with their pets in cabin. They believe that this way it will be a not so nervous experience for both of you. Dreamers!

2. Locking yourself in the WC is not an option. It may be opened easily

The key thing here is the secret latch behind the sign. It enables flight attendants to open the door even if it is lock from the inside. If you are inspired by a movie where a couple is having sex on board, think twice before doing it in the WC.

3. Do dot check in the baggage in advance

Baggage Suitcase Luggage Case Brown Trip Bags

Baggage Suitcase Luggage Case Brown Trip Bags

If you register your baggage about 5 hours before the departure, there may be no space for it in the hold. In this case, there is a high chance the staff will put it somewhere deep in the corner and forget about it.

4. Do not be late for the baggage check in

If you register your baggage 10 minutes before the departure, it is likely to fail its trip along the baggage carousel and may be left at the airport.

5. Captain and assisting captain have different meals

Two most important people on the board are served different meals so that one is able to fly the plane if the other one has a food poisoning.

6. How long can you breathe through oxygen masks?

Oxygen generators will last 12 minutes. That is more than enough for the plane to descend to a “safe” height.

7. Why you should always put on your oxygen mask before assisting children.

When the pressure is falling during the flight, the oxygen in the cabin of the plane is enough for 12-20 minutes only. After that, a passenger faints. It is safe: a fainted kid will be okay, right after he/she takes a breath of oxygen. The point is that the kid is unlikely to put the mask on an adult afterward.

8. It is not mandatory for the plane to have 100% no fault found before the departure

The so-called list of the minimum required working equipment includes the nonoperation that can be neglected. But do not worry: it is provided by the aircraft design.

9. The locks for bags with zippers do not make any sense

Everyone, who deals with the baggage, knows that these locks can be easily opened with a simple pen. It is not a secret. Your bag zipper is easy to open, not matter for the lock.

10. The headphones in the plane are not disposable

The headphones are being cleaned and packed before each flight. Now, think about it!

11. The flights are used by both alive and dead passengers

Domestic flights often serve for carrying dead bodies. If you notice, that the staff is loading a long white box on board: the plane is carrying a dead baggage.

12. Do you really have to turn off your cell phones on a plane?

To tell the truth, there is no reason to turn it off. This is a kind of precaution. The thing is that our electronic devices work on a different wave and have not enough signal power to cause any damage during the flight.

13. The question of safety during the flight is of a great importance. So, screw the hygiene!

Ware for water and ice are cleaned rarely. And not very carefully, by the way. So, if you are a squeamish kind of passenger, put on hold having tea or coffee. Take mineral water. Share these secrets with friends who fly often, for what’s it worth!

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